Who Attacked Agent 11?

DISCLAIMER: This post is a satire post not intended to be taken seriously by anyone. Agent 11 is an extremely good guy and a well respected leader of a well respected army within our community. The attack on him was completely unacceptable and we here at Club Penguin Online Army League are happy and pleased to hear that he is doing well, and is on the mend.

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – Just hours ago, the Club Penguin Army community found themselves in a state of shock and horror after finding out that Agent 11, leader of the Ice Warriors had been attacked in real life, following a trip to the shop. With this act being so serious that Agent 11 had to go to the hospital, we at CPO Army League Media have decided that we owe it to him to investigate. These are the findings of that investigation.

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The Rebel Penguin Federation Universal Challenge

KLONDIKE, Zing’s Office – Perhaps the biggest army on Club Penguin Rewritten is the Rebel Penguin Federation. Led by Ultipenguin, the RPF has been around for over a decade. While the RPF has always had many challenges to face, it now stands at the top of its division – but just shy of the Universal number one spot.

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