Legend is the most prestigious title one can have in the army community. There has been thousands that have come and gone in this community, yet only a handful have been selected. There is a long process of receiving the coveted title, which includes passing a vote through the Legends Committee – a group comprised of the most influential figures in the community. We hold four elections every year to determine who is worthy of legend status.

On this website, we only include those who have earned the Legends Status as a member of the Club Penguin Online era, however if you wish to view the major legends from the Club Penguin era click HERE and if you want to view the S/M legends from that era click HERE.

Without further adieu, here are the list of legends:

Epic101 has been recognized in the past for his work in the Light Troops and other armies like the Marines and the Redemption Force. This time around he has been inducted to become an Army Legend for his recent work in the Pirates and his contribution to Armies this year. Epic101 returned to the army community in July 2018, Epic began leading the Templars army, who at the time were maxing sizes of 15, he rose the Templars up over the course of a week and began maxing sizes of 50. Shortly after this, he departed the Templars and began leading the Pirates. Since early August he has been leading the Pirates to successful sizes and the Pirates have not seen sizes of less than 800 since mid-September of 2018. Aside from his leadership in armies, Epic, with the help of Club Penguin Online Admin, Riley, reformed the Club Penguin online Army League and in November 2018 he hosted the second Army Tournament since Club Penguin closed, the Christmas Chaos. In the end many armies took part and enjoyed the various amount of battles and the Army League since has had over 50 registered armies, and is the most successful Army Organisation since Club Penguin’s Closure in 2017. Armies are currently at an all time high since 2015, this being the most active the community has been since Club Penguin closed. Epic’s work in the Pirates, Light Troops and above all, armies as a whole, has made him one of the most influential figures, if not the most influential figure, in the community since 2017. For all of the above reasons, the public has decided to vote Epic101 in as a Club Penguin Army Legend.

Freezie66 joined the Redemption Force in November 2019 as an advisor but after a dispute with Reacon, he contacted Mustapha10 and recreated the Doritos. Freezie with the help of Epic101 & Mustapha and 32op, managed to recruit hundreds upon hundreds of new members to the Doritos in just a matter of weeks and defeated the Redemption Force in a War after just a matter of battles. Following this, Freezie left the Doritos and recreated the Dark Warriors with the help of a DW Legend, Spi101.  Within a matter of months, he had won the Christmas Chaos tournament and created a truly amazing community that is simply incomparable. The Dark Warriors are still living on today thanks to Freezie’s amazing contributions and teachings and many leaders in the current community look up to Freezie for his hard work & teachings. Following his retirement from the Dark Warriors, he joined the Army League Board and ran the league along side Andrew24 in the absence of Epic101, without Andrew & Freezie’s leadership, the Community would have collapsed. Thanks to these guys, the Community flourished and became the #1 News Provider & was host to the biggest & best Club Penguin Armies since Club Penguins Closure with armies averaging sizes between 50 – 150 week in and week out.

Andrew24 returned to the Community thanks to contact from Freezie66. Andrew returned as a Board Member of the League and was initially just watching over the community before taking over a short-term stunt in the Pirates alongside his Crew including members like Agent 11. The Pirates had some highs and lows during this period, however, following Epic101’s return and re-takeover of the Pirates, Andrew and his crew recreated the Ice Warriors. The Ice Warriors went on to become arguably one of the biggest Club Penguin Armies in the community in just under two weeks. They dominated the Army Scene thanks to their efficient recruiting techniques on the #1 CPPS, CPOnline & went on to dominate in Wars against armies such as the Doritos. It must be noted that, thanks to Andrew & his leadership, the Ice Warriors managed to max sizes of 150 on multiple occasions and never dropped to sizes below 60 during his tenure. During the Ice Warriors peak, they saw a max size of 165 troops at the March Madness semi finals, a size that was never seen before. Due to his hard work within the Ice Warriors & his running of the Army Community alongside Freezie66, he has been inducted as an Army Legend.

32op returned to Club Penguin Armies in November 2019 after he saw the Doritos return. 32op returned to the Doritos Leadership alongside Mustapha, Epic & Freezie and led them to great heights. Following Freezie’s & Epic’s departure, the Doritos’ did not drop their standards. 32op came up with efficient techniques to recruit hundreds and thousands of new members to the Doritos each week. For many months the Doritos dominated the Army Scene and gathered many achievements, including winning the 2019 Christmas Chaos tournament. They also won multiple wars including those against the Ice Warriors & Dark Warriors but often came across a bump in the road when facing the Pirates such as their encounters at the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic but do not let this discredit them as they were simply one of the biggest armies since their return, averaging sizes of 80-100 on a daily basis. Since Epic101, Freezie & Andrew’s departure from the community, 32op has taken an Administrative role in the Army League and has been doing a good job with maintaining the levels & stats that the Army League obtained under Andrew, Freezie & Epic. For all of the above reasons, 32op has earned his title as an Army Legend.

Mustapha10 returned around the same time as Freezie66 did and was the sole reason for the return of the Doritos Army in 2019. With the combined help of Epic101 and Freezie, he brought the Doritos to new heights and managed to push them past their horrid history which was tarnished by the likes of Badboy & Trader & Sprite. The Doritos returned and became a world power and dominated the army scene for many months. Mustapha10 is often credited as the “Real Creator” of the Doritos due to his hard work but this is often argued on. Despite Mustapha’s differences within the DCP oligarchy, he had a great influence on the army as a whole. Thanks to his hard work and recruiting efforts over a 5 month span, the Doritos became a powerhouse and dominated the Top Ten & many world wars. For this reason, Mustapha has been inducted as an Army Legend.

In March 2020, Zuke returned to the community after receiving messages from Epic101 encouraging him to bring back the SWAT Army. With Ganger90’s permission, Zuke brought back SWAT and managed to lead them to heights that they had never even dreamed of achieving. Much like Mustapha10 with the Doritos, Zuke had replenished SWAT’s dirty history (given to them by Badboy & Trader) and within a matter of weeks, SWAT was maxing sizes of 60 on a constant day-to-day basis, and on a few occasions maxed sizes of 80-100. They engaged in battles with the likes of the Light Troops & more and came out victorious thanks to Zuke & his leadership. Unfortunately, Zuke’s reign with SWAT Came to an end after by Badboy came and destroyed his creation. Within a matter of days, Badboy had taken a legendary army which was averaging 40-60, to then maxing 20.  Along with this, Zuke’s significant custom items & room designs for CPPS’ (on CPO) helped recruit hundreds of new members to the community, he designed items for armies like SWAT, the Ice Warriors, Golds, the Dark Warriors & the Doritos and thanks to this, he managed to do what no one else could do. For all of the above reasons & contributions to the community, Zuke has been inducted as an Army Legend.