It all ended on March 29th, 2017. Club Penguin has shut it’s doors and opened up a mobile app that quite frankly sucked, and shortly after closed as well.

April 2017, Club Penguin shut its doors Ganger90, Frozen Zuke, and Humza79809 came together with a plan. The plan was to create another army specifically on Club Penguin Rewritten in an attempt to revive the CP Army Community. Their overall goal was to create a domino effect so other Club Penguin Rewritten armies would open up. On April 2nd the Rangers of CPR were created. Rangers held their first event on April 2nd 2017   With CP Army Vets and Legends such as Ganger90, Security, Reeces2011, Humza79809, Frozen Zuke attending events Rangers definitely made a statement.

April 2017

Shortly after the Rangers upbringing, the infamous Tubas emerged. For some reason, there was the tuba item in CPR at the time and everyone started to join up with the tuba group. They recruited by sending out their discord link in CPR and the CPR community was 50/50 with the Tuba Gang. Either you would join them, or you would hate them because they were just obnoxious yellow tubas. They did grow very easily and this was proof that any army could rise and become the biggest. The Tubas army was led by unknown users in the community. They ran the army through Discord and they weren’t too familiar with actual armies so they just went around CPR causing a ruckus.

Tubas April 2017

With the Tubas making their statement Rebel Penguin Federation decided to reopen. RPF reopened with Silverburg.When CP closed in March, RPF made the move to Club Penguin Rewritten. Silverburg took the helm and RPF rose throughout the Spring to sizes of 70. He retired in May, promoting Popsicle to lead alongside Chip, Elmikey, and Junie. RPF moved to Discord in June, which vastly improved chat functionality and troop retention. Twitchy also rejoined for leader around this time. As the Summer wore on, Junie stepped down and Twitchy had to retire. Despite Elmikey’s inactivity, RPF did not miss a beat and went on to max well over 100+ in August at Operation: Jet Pack. Chip retired in September and Left, one of the best 2ics of the era, was promoted to lead alongside Popsicle. RPF’s dominance continued through the Fall, hitting consistent numbers of 70-100+ every week. However, the leaders had grown tired of Elmikey’s inactivity and inappropriate behavior. Popsicle, Left, Chip and Tom formulated a plan to remove Elmikey from power. After they got the go-ahead from Commando, they asked Elmikey to step down peacefully. Elmikey did not agree and attempted to remove all four from power. He was unsuccessful, and Elmikey was banned on December 7th, paving the road for a new era of RPF.

RPF April 2017



2018 was overall the main year that Club Penguin Armies rebooted following the Closure of Club Penguin in 2017. Very few armies had progressed and continued running following Club Penguin’s closure, the most popular being the Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF continued to operate on Club Penguin Rewritten and had much success with leaders such as Elmikey, but over time, their leadership changed on numerous occasions. In 2018, Armies were banned from Club Penguin Rewritten and anyone that was caught recruiting was banished from the game, this prompted RPF to move to Club Penguin Online, a rapidly growing Private Server. At the time, Club Penguin Online was owned by Riley, formerly known as Waterkid101, an Army Legend and arguably the best Army Leader in the community’s history despite his controversial past. On Club Penguin Online, RPF was operating and as the only army, it was fairly obvious that they would be enormous in size. After seeing the interest in Armies grow, Riley allowed more armies to operate on Club Penguin Online and then created the Army League where he hosted the first ever army tournament since 2017, the Legends Cup. The tournament wasn’t as competitive as he thought it would be but in the end it was obviously won by RPF. In July 2018, Epic101, a former Light Troops leader & S/M Army Legend, returned to the community and led the Templars alongside Xing & Elmikey, within just a week of leading, Epic had brought the Templars army from sizes of 15 to 55 and had defeated RPF in a series of eventful battles.

Following his two week run in the Templars, Epic recreated the Omegas Army which then turned into the Team Red Army but this was short term, nevertheless, the Omegas/Team Red managed to hit some decent sizes of 45-50 during their return, this was when he recreated the Pirates. The Army League had gone inactive but most armies had turned to Club Penguin Central where they began posting Top Ten’s for armies & Army News. After just a week of the Pirates being back, they had taken the #1 spot from RPF & had dethroned them. The Pirates & RPF went to war and ultimately the Pirates defeated them and as a result, RPF decided to ditch Club Penguin Online and took a heavy hit as a result, they had gone from 7,000 members in their discord to a couple thousand and following a number of defaces, RPF was diminishing as the time went by, this led to an increase in size for the Pirates who went on to dominate for many months after especially against armies such as The Elite Trackers & Activities (ETA) and the Elite Guardians.