The Erikas Join The Community!

SLUSHY, CPAL HQ- We have seen the rise of a few newer small/medium armies due to many of them shutting their doors. Some of them jokingly named or with some significance behind them that implies they are joking, but with this new Army called the Erikas, (which just so happens to be the creator’s name) are they an army that was made for the sake of humor or do they mean business? Read on to learn more about this army! Continue reading

Marines Return To The Community

SLUSHY, Army League HQ: Today the Marines have finally resurfaced after stunning the community a month ago by shutting down soon after reaching sizes of 50+. An inspiration to S/M armies, the Marines were revived just yesterday by Revan and a few other members of the last Marines generation. Let’s see what’s caused this sudden return!

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[EDITORIAL] Is it really just a game?

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAL as a whole.

SLUSHY, Lucifer’s Office: In the short while, that armies from across platforms have begun to unite, we’ve come across several historic battles. Almost immediately after hostilities between the two organisations came to a halt, we saw the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Ice Warriors and the Doritos face off in a three way battle. We saw armies like the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin face off in a Practice Battle. It’s not just that, though. We also saw several scandalous moments, most prominently, armies multilogging. When news of the Pirates multilogging broke out, we saw several people calling for the ostracisation of CPPA, we saw multitudes of people going , “Why do you have to multilog? It’s just a game.” And I think that’s a statement that really got me thinking, Is it really just a game?

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Pride Month In The Army League

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – With the start of June comes the start of pride month, however pride this year has been notibly different. With parades cancelled and friends unable to meet up and celebrate, 2020’s pride festivities have had to be put on hold in order to focus on greater issues. Although, this isn’t the case in CPAL, where a number of armies have held their own virtual pride events, with the aim of celebrating the diversity of the Club Penguin Army League. Read on as we take a dive in to the events, why they were planned, and their importance in our community

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Animals Turn Golden

SABERTOOTH, AK CAPITAL – The beloved Animal Kingdom army has recently merged with their brother allies. From the 18th of April, 2020, to June 7th, 2020, the Animal Kingdom was able to prove the strength of S/M armies, capturing tons of land on the map and being one of the strongest. But in its final days, it had to merge. Read more about it below! Continue reading

The effects of Furrid-19

Slushy, CPAL HQ – It has been only three days since I let the Army League community know about the FURRID-19 pandemic. Already this pandemic has spread like the butter in my Tayto sandwiches. The effects FURRID-19 has had in the span on three days have resulted in DQ’s, Shutdowns, and more. Continue reading to find out more I’M THROWING CAUTION: SATIRE AHEAD
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Meet The Board: LuciferStar

SLUSHY, CP Army Headquarters-  Today we bring to you all the sixth edition of the Meet the Board series. If you don’t already know (you really should) the board members are the most important people in the league, they are the highest members of staff and have the most important roles such as registering new armies, updating the server map and making sure we have a good time by scheduling tournaments. We never really had a chance to have a chat with them so the reporter crew has decided to have this segment so we cant get to know the board members better. Today we bring you to our most lit board member, give it up for LuciferStar. Continue reading

Army League Investigates Badboy’s Work Environment

Summit- Dorito’s Capital– Badboy, leader of Doritos, as well as proud Dunkin Donut’s Employee, has been very adamant on giving anybody from this community a great taste of donuts. We decided to take matters into our own hands and send a trusted informant from an anonymous army to his place of employment and see what the hype is about with his Dunkin Donuts.

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