Where Did Alberto Go?

Slushy- Army League Headquarters- Upon the entry of Alberto, the league was taken back the amount of energy this boomer of a leader had towards his best creation yet, the Alberto Warriors, but as of late, Alberto has been missing-in-action. Where in the world did he go? My mission was to uncover where he is in this article.

Satire Warning– All respect for this article goes to Alberto.

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SM Army Legend Nominees

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters: Legend is the most prestigious title one can have in the army community. There has been thousands that have come and gone in this community, yet only a handful have been selected. There is a long process of receiving the coveted title, which includes passing a vote through the Legends Committee – a group comprised of the most influential figures in the community. We hold four elections every year to determine who is worthy of legend status.

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The Ulster Defence Association Joins the Community

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – As the Club Penguin Army League continues to strive, we witness a new army register into the league. Just a little while earlier, an army by the name of the Ulster Defence Association made its entrance into the community and became official. Although the creation of the army isn’t for dominating the Top Ten, rather to fight a enemy army that the UDA despises.  What goals for their enemies you may ask? Continue reading to find out the fun whereabouts of this army and their plans for their enemies!

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[REPORTER APPLICATIONS OPEN!] Why should one apply to be a reporter?

SLUSHY, Lucifer’s Office- With each passing day, we at CP Army League witness the creation of new armies, the death of older armies, the passing of the torch to new leaders, and that’s just to name a few events. With wars and small skirmishes just lurking in the corner, the one’s who are responsible to ensure that the community is notified of these all these happenings right from the get-go is your reporting staff. But what is reporting, and why should you be a part of the staff?

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Red Ravagers Rumble Into the League

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Red Ravager’s Nation – Following the closure of Dark Bandits, a notable S/M armies led by veterans Carlos and Zambi, Red Ravagers opened its doors led by higher command from the former army. Despite lacking land, Red Ravagers begin their ravage over the army world by joining the CP Army League! Read on to find out more about this newly opened army and their plans for the near future!

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The Royals End Their Reign

SLEET, Royal’s Capital- After an extremely long run gilded in success, The S/M army powerhouse Royals of CP has decided to close their doors after a long one year run. Read more on why they decided to close down. Continue reading

CP Army League: Top Ten [6/7/20 -6/13/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ: With Legends Cup going on, we’ve witnessed great battles this week! Although Pirates, the previous holder of the top spot and a top ranked army of the CP Army League, made their leave due to a mutlilogging scandal, we’ve seen many new small-medium armies making a rise. With the disappearance of an army superpower, who’s going to take first place this week? Read on to find who claims the throne of the Top Ten!

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New Administration Changes

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters- In the midst of the Legends Cup, CPAL has seen several changes, clearly seen when the discord server was on lockdown due to a revamp. The most prominent change we’ve seen is the dismissal of Epic101, well known army vet and Pirates Commander. These changes have been made to continue to help CPAL grow, thrive, and become a better community. 

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