The Erikas of CP are the next Army to contract FURRID-19?


SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ-We have seen the rise of the extremely severe pandemic going by the name of FURRID-19 and so far, we believe we have identified four armies that have been affected by the pandemic. These armies are the Animal Kingdom (now shut down), the Royals, the Pirates ,the Ice Warriors and perhaps even the Golden Troops or Doritos now Animal Kingdom merged into GT and the leaders became HCOM in Doritos. Well I believe we have identified a fifth army that we may need to watch out for if we wish to contain FURRID-19: The Erikas. Continue reading

Gingersnap Returns to DCP leadership

SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ – After a long break – spanning over one month – Gingersnap, army veteran and Doritos legend, has returned to the Doritos leadership. The well respected army veteran has been involved with the Doritos for over 8 years and has achieved the beloved legend status within the army. It seems Gingersnap is not quite done yet, and is back to prove that his time in the Doritos will go down in history. Read on to find out the latest on Gingersnap’s return, and his future within the army.

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The Alberto Warriors

NOTE: Some parts are satiric, don’t take everything I say for granted.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Alberto Warriors Nation – The Alberto Warriors came around after a very controversial issue, Regan getting bullied, in the Ice Warriors. Regan decided to retire, unretire, name Kala leader, demote her, and then name a famous person named Alberto as leader.

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The Badboy Wars

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – As SWAT recently merged into the Doritos, many changes have already arisen both within the Doritos and the rest of the community. One of the most important changes was Badboy’s position change to the leader of the Doritos. Continuing his issues with IW from the NDA/IW war prior, Badboy quickly looked for another conflict, declaring war on the Pirates taking the server Winter Land on Saturday, only to give it back, sign a treaty and work together to both take down the Ice Warriors with new Pirates leaders, Agent 11, Regan, & Madhav2 now at the helm. Read on to find out more about this very confusing, and still developing story.

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Tree Cult Returns Again

KLONDIKE, Army League Headquarters- With the ever-growing S/M army list getting longer, we are seeing some familiar faces return to the Army League. Some of these armies include the Golden Troops, Penguin Defense Force and Rangers of CPO and the list keeps getting longer and the Tree Cult is no exception.

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Meet the Board: Andrew24

KLONDIKE, CPO Army League Headquarters – Today we bring to you all the third edition of the Meet the Board series. Due to the previous author’s retirement, I will be taking the responsibility of writing this series. Continue reading for the story behind our next board member, Andrew24.

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Top 10 Armies of April 2020

KLONDIKE, CPO Army League Headquarters – April 2020 will go down as one of the most interesting months in the history of CPO armies. Since the beginning of the month, we’ve seen the Top Ten become more competitive than ever before. In the past, it became common at the end of the month to publish a ‘Top Ten Armies of the Month.‘ With that said, CPO Army League is pleased to announce that this will be returning and will be published by myself every month. Continue reading to find out who was crowned the #1 army in the month of April.

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Dark Warriors, the New #1

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Capital – In the very first edition of the CPO Army League universal top ten, the Dark Warriors of CPO came out on top. Continue reading to find out how they are taking their new success, and what goals they have for the future.

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[Rage and Glory] War Server Bracket ONE: Review

ZIPLINE, The War Zone – The CP Army Community today at 7:00PM UK witnessed the greatest of its strength. Over five major Club Penguin Armies logged onto the new war server, Zipline, to show off their brightest and most powerful side. In this post, CPO Army League will review the Bracket One armies and how they performed.

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