Meet The Board: Mehakk


SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters-
Today we bring to you all the fifth edition of the Meet the Board series. If you don’t already know (you really should) the board members are the most important people in the league, they are the highest members of staff and have the most important roles such as registering new armies, updating the server map and making sure we have a good time by scheduling tournaments. We never really had a chance to have a chat with them so the reporter crew has decided to have this segment so we cant get to know the board members better. Today we bring you to our only dominant lady board member, give it up for Mehakk. Continue reading

[EDITORIAL] The Fight For Top Twenty Points

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAL as a whole.

SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ, Lucifer’s Office: As the fight for a higher position on the Top Twenty continues, armies have begun to adopt unique measures so as to garner more points on the Top Twenty. Recently it was brought to my attention that our counterparts at CP Army Media had reported on a unique measure that was being utilised by CP Army League Armies specifically so as to garner more points. I felt it was my responsibility to bring to light another such loophole being exploited specifically by CP Army Media affiliated armies. By doing so, we can continue to work alongside each other to eradicate such loopholes being utilised by armies.

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Into The Time Machine: Rebel Penguin Federation

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Force’s Nation- During World War III, Commando717, a high-ranking officer in the Underground Mafias Army, led a rebellion against the UMAOnce the war was over and UMA destroyed, the rebellion remained intact and became the army we all know: the Rebel Penguin FederationThe army remained a superpower alongside the Army of Club Penguin and others in the coming monthsAs the Tundra Wars began, the RPF showed their dominance and resilience, which kept them revered in the eyes of the budding army communityThis led to the creation of army nations and server borders, where Commando and other major army leaders met to discuss server rights. In foresight at the time, this would ease tensions among other armies. In hindsight, it led to many more conflicts to come.

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Sun Troops gets Defaced!

Note: This is a developing Story, More Updates will be added soon.

ICICLE, Sun Troop’s Nation- During the recent tensions of war between Sun Troops, HOB, Elites, and Royals. Today at around 9 am EST, the Sun Troops ran into trouble when their website and discord were defaced by Anonymous Personnel. As of now, the site is advertised with the Penguin Defense Force’s Discord Link. Continue reading

Venimus Rursus Golds

FLIPPERS, Golds Capital – After merging into Ice Warriors and being closed for 6 days, The Golds had missed their family and decided to be returned again under the leadership of PINK and Pineapple. Will this new generation be a golden age, or will they end up merging with Ice Warriors again?
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The D in DCP is now Defaced?

**NOTICE: This is a developing story. We will keep you updated**

SUMMIT, Doritos Nation- In a sudden turn of events, At approximately 8:00 am EST Yesterday, the Doritos Discord server was attempted to taken over and defaced by a culprit naming himself ‘Mustapha10’, which the Doritos believe it was “Leo”.

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SWAT merges into DCP

MAMMOTH, SWAT Historic Capital: SWAT recently made the headlines following their declaration of War against the Ice Warriors. CP Army League however, just got notified of an announcement that was made in the SWAT Discord. The Leadership had decided that this SWAT Generation were to be merged with the Doritos Army.

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Army of the Week: Skaters

BRUMBY, Skaters Capital: Today we bring to you the third edition of “Army of the Week” on the CPOAL Website. Skaters recently made the headlines following their sudden merger with the Sinners. Skaters continued to surprise the community following their recent induction to the list of Major Armies.

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Light Troops New Leadership Comes to Light

ICE BOX, Light Troops Capital – Recent changes in Light Troops leadership have come to light (pun intended) here at CPOAL. The Light Troops’ Ben101 and Vxenty have recently come into the position of leader to lead alongside Sacha and Twassen.

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HUSKY, International United Armies Capital- The iconic S/M Army Alliance, better known as the International United Armies served as a support system to several S/M Armies and was seen to be brimming with potential. However, recently, founder BestPenguin has decided to pull the plug on their operations, and the International United Armies have official shut down as of 11th May 2020.

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