The Erikas of CP are the next Army to contract FURRID-19?


SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ-We have seen the rise of the extremely severe pandemic going by the name of FURRID-19 and so far, we believe we have identified four armies that have been affected by the pandemic. These armies are the Animal Kingdom (now shut down), the Royals, the Pirates ,the Ice Warriors and perhaps even the Golden Troops or Doritos now Animal Kingdom merged into GT and the leaders became HCOM in Doritos. Well I believe we have identified a fifth army that we may need to watch out for if we wish to contain FURRID-19: The Erikas. Continue reading

Leader’s Lounge With Neo – xFastx

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – So much has happened regarding the SWAT army. It seems that not too long ago, SWAT was split into two and forced to regenerate their army, almost from scratch. So, where are they now? I sat down with current SWAT leader xFastx to get the latest update on SWAT’s reemergence.

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The Alberto Warriors

NOTE: Some parts are satiric, don’t take everything I say for granted.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Alberto Warriors Nation – The Alberto Warriors came around after a very controversial issue, Regan getting bullied, in the Ice Warriors. Regan decided to retire, unretire, name Kala leader, demote her, and then name a famous person named Alberto as leader.

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Animal Kingdom vs Redemption Force: Battle for Hypothermia

HYPOTHERMIA, Animal Kingdom’s Nation- With the Release of the new and updated Server Map, The Animal Kingdom and Redemption Force end another day of battling with a showdown on Hypothermia, fought for control of the server Hypothermia. Continue reading for the results below.

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Meet the Board: 32op

KLONDIKE, CPOAL Headquarters- We’re back again with another edition of our Meet the Board series. The board of directors of CPOAL are the highest ranking staff and single handedly work to make CPOALl a welcoming and fun experience for all its members. They’re constantly working behind the scenes to ensure that everything gets done in a fair and efficient manner. They work on helping armies become official, selecting judges for the many battles that occur, and hire new staff to assist in all these tasks. They do all of this alongside leading and being a part of their own armies. Today we’ll be learning more about board member, 32op.

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Welcome to the Club Penguin Army League

Hello and welcome to the official Club Penguin Online Army League website. The Club Penguin Online Army League was established in May 2018 by Riley and, after temporary closure, was reopened in August 2018 by Epic101. The Club Penguin Online Army League is responsible for the revival of Club Penguin Armies and is also the number one news site for Club Penguin Armies. Our aim is to be the central hub for CPO Armies by providing quality and reliable news and tournaments.

We have had over 50 Armies registered with our Army League since our conception and we are always looking for more and new armies to register! If you would like to register with us, join our discord server and read our register channel.

Official Army League Discord:

Official Army League Website:

Club Penguin Online:

Latest Top Ten Armies: CLICK HERE

Heaven Army descends upon the Army League

Klondike, CPOAL Headquarters – With the rise of S/M Armies coming to full fruition, another new contender for the S/M community has emerged, the Heaven Army of CPO. To further spice up the action, it’s not just an early stable welcome to the community for them, they’ve already declared war!

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Adventurers exploration ends but Water Forces begins

Klondike, CPOAL Headquarters – In a piece of sad news long term CPOAL Army Adventurers has shut its doors, however leader BrPlayer has created a new army alongside some other leaders formerly of Aliens.

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Mayhem Returns: Chaos Ensues

KLONDIKE, CPOAL HQ –  After a recent merger into the Doritos, Mayhem have returned to the CPOAL community under the leadership of Ben and Krab.

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Army In Focus: Marines

KLONDIKE, CPOAL HQ – Today we bring you the third edition of Army In Focus. There have been many new changes introduced to CPOAL. There have been many new teams joining us and many old teams rising from the ashes. One in the particular we have chosen were the Marines Of CPO who have made a comeback this year with the help of Epic and a few of the Army league staff.

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