Army League Legends Inductions: Results

Klondike, Army League HQ – After what has been an amazing two years for Club Penguin Armies, we have released our second edition of the Legend Inductions since our creation in 2018. Since then, many people have made an impact on armies and the community, and for that reason, our community has dominated the Army News scene & the overall Army scene since the very beginning of CPPS Armies. The board has come together and combined with your votes, we have combined the results to induct new Army Legends!

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CP Army League: Legend Nominees

Hello everyone, after the fall of CP Online I figured it was time to keep this chapter of history in the books. I would like to say it’s been crazy that CP Armies is still somehow standing strong.
There’s been many bumpy roads and paths that every person in the army community had to face, and only legends live to tell these stories.
A little bit ago we ventured out to collect the community opinion on who should be a CP Army Legend.

Here’s your list of nominations that the community came up with.
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Leader’s Lounge with Neo – TacoDaily

Klondike, Army League HQ – SWAT’s newest leader is back to reign in the new generation. After SWAT’s return, we’ve seen this army’s leadership go through quite a few changes (which you can read about here). Continue reading for more below.

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Breaking News: Mustapha10 Removed From Doritos

“You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.”

Klondike, CPO Army League Headquarters- Mustapha10, a name that rings through the corridors of the Doritos Empire. Doritos 32nd Leader, Mustapha10 led Doritos to it highest point in history. Having led DCP through 2012 to 2017, he managed to achieve maxes of over 70 penguins consistently. Despite this success, the decision was made on April 15th, 2020, by Doritos Creator, WWE, to remove the legend from power. Continue reading for the breaking news!

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