Insight into SWAT’s Leadership Changes

MAMMOTH, Historic SWAT Capital – Many leadership changes took place in the past 3 days inside the Special Weapons and Tactics army AKA SWAT. This included the return of Sweater AKA Conor, and the instating of Teaska into the beloved leadership positions. They have helped SWAT since its entry into CPO, and now hope to help SWAT get back into the peak it reached in CPO.

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The Erikas of CP are the next Army to contract FURRID-19?


SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ-We have seen the rise of the extremely severe pandemic going by the name of FURRID-19 and so far, we believe we have identified four armies that have been affected by the pandemic. These armies are the Animal Kingdom (now shut down), the Royals, the Pirates ,the Ice Warriors and perhaps even the Golden Troops or Doritos now Animal Kingdom merged into GT and the leaders became HCOM in Doritos. Well I believe we have identified a fifth army that we may need to watch out for if we wish to contain FURRID-19: The Erikas. Continue reading

Suspects Identified in the Defacing of Dorito’s Discord Server

Satire Warning: This post is a satire post not intended to be taken seriously by anyone. Doritos are a Legendary Army and a valudable part of our CPAL Community. We do not in any way endorse the defacing of their server, and we fully condemn any such acts that are carried in our community. 

SLUSHY, CP Army League HQ: As the days pass on, we not only see CPPS’ being wiped off, we now also see Discord Servers being wiped off. In tonight’s special edition of “Who did it?”, we investigate the possible suspects in the recent case of the Defacement of the Doritos Server.

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Leader’s Lounge With Neo – xFastx

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters – So much has happened regarding the SWAT army. It seems that not too long ago, SWAT was split into two and forced to regenerate their army, almost from scratch. So, where are they now? I sat down with current SWAT leader xFastx to get the latest update on SWAT’s reemergence.

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Army League Legends Inductions: Results

Klondike, Army League HQ – After what has been an amazing two years for Club Penguin Armies, we have released our second edition of the Legend Inductions since our creation in 2018. Since then, many people have made an impact on armies and the community, and for that reason, our community has dominated the Army News scene & the overall Army scene since the very beginning of CPPS Armies. The board has come together and combined with your votes, we have combined the results to induct new Army Legends!

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CP ARMY LEAGUE: TOP TEN [5/24/20 – 5/31/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week at the Club Penguin Army League, we saw major armies such as the Doritos, Pirates & Ice Warriors battle for land along with the departure of Andrew24, Bay & Freezie66 from the army community. We also saw more armies shutting down and a few making a return. Lets see how this impacted our Top 10 this week!

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