Welcome to the Club Penguin Online Army League!

Welcome to the About page. On this page we will give you some important information regarding the Club Penguin Online Army League, including staff members and what we provide here. Before we go over what we do here, here is a brief history of how the Army League was formed:


The Club Penguin Online Army League was established in May 2018 by Riley. By the end of the summer, the league had temporarily closed but it was re-opened in August 2018 by Epic101. The Club Penguin Online Army League is responsible for the revival of Club Penguin Armies and is also the number one news site for Club Penguin Armies.

The Army League was not opened for self-satisfaction or to hold control over people, but it was created to give the community an organized platform. In original Club Penguin, there was no real structure and conflicts were often hard to resolve, however now with the Army League, it gives the army community organization like never before. The Army League has been the most successful army establishment since Club Penguin’s Closure back in 2017.

What We Provide:

The Army League website is used for numerous different reasons. Here is what you can find from browsing our website:

  • Army News – Here at CP Online Army League, we provide the viewers with the latest army news. We report on everything about the current army community, from army battles and wars to leaders retiring or being couped – we cover it all! Our reporters have been carefully chosen to provide the community with the highest quality news. We want our posts to be a platform for all viewers to comment their opinions on newsworthy events.
  • Top Ten Armies – Being first on the top ten has historically been the most prestigious accomplishment for an army. This ranking is what often elevates an individual into legend status or what it is used to determine armies has major powerhouses. The staff here has developed a formula we believe is the best way to rank the armies every week.
  • Server Map – The Army League has a plethora of servers and here, we work the keep the server map updated as much as possible. It gives other army leaders and soldiers the ability to see which army owns the land. Before the army league, servers ownership was often very unorganized, however the board here has worked to create the best possible way for the server map to work.
  • Tournaments – We have taken the responsibility to host the best tournaments in the club penguin army community. We are working on providing the community with abut 4-5 tournaments per year, with the Legends Cup be the most prestigious among all of them. These tournament are a way for armies to distinguish who the best is.
  • Guidebook – The way Club Penguin Armies work could be difficult for some new people to understand, so we have created a guidebook for new recruits to read about. The purpose of this guidebook is to give new recruits an easy guide on how armies work and how they can elevate their own status within the community.


This site and league is ran by a devoted group of individuals who provide the Army League with the best news and organization all the current events and rules. This individuals have been selected because of their community-wide influence and  their past experience.

Board of Directors:

  • Iceyfeet1234
  • 32op
  • Mehakk
  • Luciferstar
  • Ben
  • Zuke

Chief Executive Officer

  • Luciferstar


  • Sweater
  • Dino
  • Zamb

Team Members:

The site also has many individuals on the team who either report or judge battles. The reports are those who go out and report the best news from the army community. These reporters have been selected due to their quality ability to write and to report the news without bias in a timely fashion. The judges have also been selectively chosen by the board to judge important invasions and tournament battles.

Army League Reporters: 

  • Austin
  • Brooke
  • Aubz
  • Vivala
  • Sweater
  • Midnight
  • Rah
  • Neo
  • Regan
  • Sunny
  • Lep


  • Simmonds2000

Staff Support

If you like to be a reporter or a judge, contact a staff member on the CPAL discord on how to apply to be either. We are very selective with who we bring on the team, however do not let that be a reason from not applying!

Staff Hall of Fame: