Red Ravagers Rumble Into the League

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Red Ravager’s Nation – Following the closure of Dark Bandits, a notable S/M armies led by veterans Carlos and Zambi, Red Ravagers opened its doors led by higher command from the former army. Despite lacking land, Red Ravagers begin their ravage over the army world by joining the CP Army League! Read on to find out more about this newly opened army and their plans for the near future!

On June 7th, 2020 at 3:58 PM PST, Dark Bandits leader Carlos announced that the S/M army was set to close its doors as they’ve accomplished their goals of creating a family, as well as reaching heights unseen in their past generations. 20 minutes following Dark Bandit’s closure, Red Ravagers, led by Dark Bandits higher command Maxine and moderator Honda, opened the doors to their army. Despite the army being made whilst the two were enlisted in DB (Dark Bandits), they’ve maintained their loyalty to the former army until the end. Despite the army consisting of mainly DB troops who haven’t dispersed to either advertised armies ACP or Doritos, they’ve later seen growth by hiring more higher command to their already experienced staff. Three days after their opening, the Red Ravagers had their first event, making their move on the world of Club Penguin Armies. They maxed 10 on their first event and became eligible to join CPAL.

Since their first event, the Red Ravagers have already made plans on expanding their nation. Initially, they planned on invading Frosty, a server belonging to Crimson Guardians on CP Army Media’s map (which can be seen here.) However, both armies have buried the hatchet and joined hands as allies. Not only have they created friendship with the Crimson Guardians, but they’ve also became allies with the Army of Club Penguin, Pizza Federation, and CPAL’s very own Golden Troops.

Out of curiosity of the plans this new army has for the future, I’ve reached out to Red Ravagers Leader, Maxine, and was able to conduct an interview. Here’s what she had to say:


CPAL: First of all, welcome to CPAL! It’s a pleasure to have you and your army join our league and making it a great environment for others who are considering joining us! What made you want to join CPAL?

Maxine: Well, we really wanted to expand our horizons and try different leagues. We really want to make it as one of the bigger small/medium armies or even as a major army. Being in multiple leagues gives us a better chance of that dream actually becoming a reality, in my opinion.

CPAL: I noticed that Red Ravagers consist of mainly Dark Bandits higher command, including yourself, along with the troops. Also, CPAM’s post, which can be referred to here, implies similarities to the now-dead army. Do you believe that Red Ravagers is a copy of DB?

Maxine: We are not a copy of DB at all. We may consist of some of the DB troops, but we plan on running very differently than DB did. That’s sort of why Honda and I created the army in the first place. We really aim for much more communication throughout staff and HCOM than the Bandits had. I don’t plan on this army fizzling out any time soon.

CPAL: Unfortunately today (6/15/2020), CPA: The Game has shut its doors. Your first event has taken place on the server, yet they unfortunately received a copyright claim days after. How do the Ravagers plan on overcoming this obstacle?

Maxine: By simply holding events on Club Penguin Rewritten. If CPR does shut down, we might migrate to other games like Minecraft or Roblox. But for right now, we are standin’ strong in the CPA community.

CPAL: Thank you again for this interview, do you have any final words?



Based on the interview, it can be surmised that the Red Ravagers are certainly excited to make their presence seen by the other powers of CPA. I believe that they can create allies with many other armies apart of the League, as well as outside of CPAL. In my opinion, Maxine’s dream of Red Ravagers becoming one of the bigger small/medium armies will likely manifest as the army shows a great amount of promise. Today, Red Ravagers have joined hands with Pizza Federation in attempts to expand their land against the People’s Imperial Federation, so their dream may come sooner than they thought.

What’s your thoughts on Red Ravagers entering CPAL? Will they make their name known and ravage other armies? Or will they fall short of their plan? Will Red Ravagers be able to survive with the recent changes in CPA? Or will they fall alongside CPA:TG? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army League Editor

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