The Royals End Their Reign

SLEET, Royal’s Capital- After an extremely long run gilded in success, The S/M army powerhouse Royals of CP has decided to close their doors after a long one year run. Read more on why they decided to close down.

Royals Of CP were a long-lasting and one of the greatest armies the CP Army League ever witnessed. Teaska, Royals 1st in command announced that they were going to shut down as they don’t want to move to another CPPS, along with personal reasons. Below is a screenshot of the announcement of closure:

On March 6th, 2019, the Royal Family came to power for the first time. The army established a theme of Royalty in which a variety of roles were added like Duke, Duchess, Lord, Court Jester, Countess, and Knight. Royals had historical battles with Templars and were able to advance through many tournaments. The Royals were involved in the National Armies Alliance (NAA) along with the Help Force and Aliens. Their involvement played a part in a war with the NAA going against the Templars and Pirates. The NAA played a big part in giving royals recognition. As summer started, Royal Family started their 2019 summer with leadership changes as Babbles became queen.

The first event hosted by royals on 24th March 2019


After the NAA shutdown, The Royals joined a new alliance called the International United Armies (IUA) along with their previous allies, Aliens. December was also a fall for the Royals, as they started to max 7-15 every event. Late December, Doritos of CP approached the current acting representatives and leaders of the Royal Family asking to ally. This alliance was made official January 1st, 2020, which resulted in ending the allyship with IUA. Doritos played a huge part in Royals’s success during the months of January and February, as DCP simply assisted Royals and helped them to reach maxes of 20+. However, this wasn’t the case in March. Due to the morals of leaders in the army Redemption Force, DCP and Royals agreed to work together to remove Redemption Force off the server map entirely. Due to this war, Royals were able to max 50+, causing them to rank number 2 on the top ten for that week. In late March, Royals announced that they were dissolving the Royals-Doritos alliance. The reason being that to become an army that can be stronger and closer to each other without having to rely on others.

The highest Royals have ever got in the Top Ten.

May also brought a time of war, as the Royals helped SWAT with attempting to take down Ice Warriors. War was about to come as the New Dawn Alliance (NDA) was formed to take down Ice Warriors. The NDA planned attacks of Ice Warriors land at the same time to limit their troops. Royals went up against the Ice Warriors and successfully took a room, but didn’t win the battle.


The NDA war with Ice Warriors

The army rebranded itself from the Royal Family of CP to the Royals of CP in the Second Generation. Royals also continued into the new generation as strong as before reaching maxes of 20-30 every event. Sadly, there were also some leadership changes. As Mehakk and rosesred announced their retirement from leading the army mainly just to focus on their own lives. Below is a picture of one of their recent events:

I was lucky enough to sit down with Brooke, Royals Leader and ask her about her future plans and ask her why exactly did they plan to shut down Royals.

An Interview with Royals Leader, Brooke

CPAL: First off I’m sorry about Royals Shutting down, They will definitely stay in our hearts. But there is one question is everyone’s mind, What made you and the Royals Team shut down the Royals?

Brooke: Furrid-19.

CPAL: Was the idea of shutting down the Royals discussed between the Leaders?

Brooke: No. We all have one braincell and we just all decided to call it quits today.

CPAL: Why didn’t the royals team plan to merge with another army?

Brooke: Us and our seven members decided to spread furrid-19 to every army

CPAL: What are the future plans of each and every staff member of Royals in the army community?

Brooke: I went on to become a part of IW staff team. Tiska, Marissa, Erika, Marian, and Janana are currently deciding on where to go. Our mods Sammi and Sophie have gone to SWAT to become LiTs and our other mod Haley is also deciding on where to go.

CPAL: Will the royals ever return in the near future?

Brooke: Royals will not return until the effects of furrid-19 have stopped. (2023)

CPAL: Rest in Peace, Any last comments to the readers?

Brooke: Trifecta lives on. We still eat puffles. And for one last time, Bop to the top royals. 🙂

From the above interview, We can clearly see that Furrid-19 played a great role in shutting down the Royals. The Royals were a great example to all the S/M community, showing that a small army can truly become a success through patience and hard work and have fun at the same time. It’s really sad to see yet another successful army closing their doors. The CP Army Community wishes all the Leaders and staff members of Royals a bright future in armies.
What do YOU think? Did the Royals take a good decision? Will they Spread Furrid-19 to all the armies? Were you a part of the Royals? Comment Down YOUR opinions

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