Doritos Leadership Changes

Summit, Doritos Capitol- Doritos of CP tend to see leadership changes quite often. Whether it’s losing leader, bringing in more DCP vets, or bringing in brand new trained leaders the Doritos are always sure to have full leadership. The most recent change in the Doritos leadership occurred after SWAT merged into the army.

The merge went completely smoothly and helped DCP grow and thrive, however one of the main leaders, Badboy, has decided to step down from his leadership position in Doritos.

Badboy first joined CPA in 2012 and quickly became fourth in command in Shadow Troops before becoming first in command and then joining SWAT. He stayed with SWAT up until 2014 where he ended up as second in command. In July of 2014, Badboy led his first major war with SWAT against Water Vikings. He then went on to lead DW, then went back to SWAT and won a war against ACP and then retired for a while. Joining back in 2016 Badboy led a variety of armies including RPF, DW, IW, and SWAT. His leadership resulted in most of these armies reaching great maxes of about 50-60 penguins.

Badboy has quite an extensive history with CPA and successfully leading several armies. In 2016 he did get into a multi logging scandal but still managed to recover from that and win Person of the Year. His first experience with DCP was later during that year where he led alongside 32op, Possum and 13yearoldnoob and helped them win the Christmas Chaos tournament then was forced to leave after DCPs closure. After 2016, Badboy rejoined armies in 2020 after being contacted by TacoDaily.

Badboys most notable achievement in 2020 was leading SWAT alongside Sweater, Cargo, Zuke, and several other experienced CPA members. Under their leadership SWAT was exceptionally successful until it’s unfortunate demise when conflict arose between Zuke and the other leaders, read more about that here. Badboy and several other SWAT leaders went ahead and recreated the army but due to the dispute and the closure of several CPPS’, the leaders got together and eventually decided to merge into DCP. Eventually some previous SWAT leaders and leaders in training decided to undergo and reopen SWAT, however many of the original SWAT members and HCOM decided to stick with DCP and are still there today.

To learn more about why Badboy decided to step down, we conducted an exclusive interview with him.

Interview with Badboy

CPAL: First and foremost, why have you decided to step down from DCP leadership?

Badboy: Well for one, it’s become pretty clear to the other leaders and owners even with the break I took from work I still can’t really be active or be on to recruit as much as I’d like to. I still have very much to offer at this stage in my career, however I’m an old head my time has long passed and it’s time to pass the torch to the other LIT/2ics who can be active and contribute 100% other than myself who can only be half active. I planned to stay for the summer but with the legends cup now over for DCP I see no reason to stick around especially if I can’t give my all.

CPAL: Do you think you’ll move on to lead another army, or just stay as a general member of the army?

Badboy: No, I think for now I’m done with armies I came back to prove one thing: to lead the two armies I enjoyed the most in the past legitimately to great heights and I feel that I’ve done that or been a huge part of the success I should say. Armies for me are only an option if I have the time which by now with corona virus seemingly over & done with and many things to do, I won’t have any for this. This was The right call to make.

CPAL: Do you see yourself coming back to armies in the future?

Badboy: Probably not, getting to a certain age where honestly it’s kinda weird to be around still. Had so many youngins tryna Simp on me felt like future for a second but nah on a serious note this was prob it for me and armies in general don’t have long either. I already saw this game die once, rather not be around for the second closure cus it’ll be 10x sadder. But yeah for now I’m done don’t think I see myself coming back.

CPAL: Seeing as you won’t be coming back, can you tell us about your favourite memory in CPA?

Badboy: Winning the 2016 Christmas chaos was definitely the top highlight of my career not only because of what it meant to DCP and their vets but because I proved I could do it without cheating and to me that’s what a lot of my return was about as well, to do it right and for the most part I’d like to say I did. It was fun but it’s time to go now. Real life > CPA, at least for me. :slight_smile:

CPAL: Great! Do you have any final comments you would like to add?

Badboy: Since I’m not going to make another retirement post because There’s no point, I’d just like to thank both 32op & sweater. You two are the reason I came back to do this & even stayed for as long as I did and even though maybe SWAT hadn’t turned out the way we wanted (Sweater) or DCP couldn’t win another tournament under us (32op) y’all and all the troops from both armies taught me that even in 2020 at an old age like me you can still have a ton of fun and be successful at the same time, and for that I thank you both. Hell Will Be Unleashed & family forever it’s been a pleasure.

Badboys experiences and long journey in CPA has made him into a great leader and friend to many in this community. Though Badboy stepping down may be upsetting for some, DCP will be welcoming long awaited leader-in-training Wassim, to officially join DCP leadership. Wassim has been an active and memorable member of DCP for a very long time and deserves his position in leadership.


What do YOU think about Badboys retirement? Will DCP continue to thrive? How will Wassim do as an official DCP leader? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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