Buddy Removed from Water Viking’s Leadership

Note: The section titled “Zamb’s Note” contains the personal thoughts of the writer and does not reflect or represent the views of CPAL as a whole.

Frostbite, Water Viking’s Nation – Following their recent revival, Water Vikings have shown great success. Despite re-branding from Golden Guardians, a small medium army with solid sizes, the leaders continued to grow their army and reach the status as a Major army in both our own league, along with partner league Club Penguin Army Media. However, Buddy, Hall of Famer in the army and one of the leaders that began their newest era, has been removed from the leadership. Read on to find out why despite playing an important role in their rebirth, Buddy was ejected!

Water Vikings have had a great week on the Top Ten, moving up a position. Beginning their event with Round 2 of Legends Cup, WV may have lost against Elites but 42. In efforts to continue their rapid growth, they’ve held a Miner Training event and maxed 46 troops. Last but not least, Water Vikings held an EU Practice Battle against the Crimson Guardians and won, but maxed 22 Vikings. Although they were eliminated, CPPA’s massive multilogging scandal resulted in their disqualification, and gave Water Vikings a second chance in the tournament against Dark Warriors. Despite their week going great, news broke out in their Discord that Buddy has confessed to multilogging.

On June 13th, 2020 at 6:05 PM PST, Water Vikings leader Pjayo announced in the chat about Buddy’s scandal, quoting,

It is with great shame that I remove Buddy, WV Hall of Famer, from his position as leader of the Water Vikings. We are STRONGLY against multilogging, and while has stabbed us in the back, I do wish him well and still welcome him in this chat as a veteran, although he has been stripped of his position. The Water Vikings WILL NOT stand for ANY form of unethical activity, and as such, we are immediately taking action following Buddy’s admission of guilt. I wish him the best and hope to see him (on one account lmao) tomorrow.

Superhero123, administrator and developer of CP Armies: The Game, conducted an investigation alongside Club Penguin Army Media and discovered that Buddy’s admission is in fact legitimate, as there are at least 3 penguins linked to his name. However, Buddy also mentioned that he multilogged in events that had no relation to the Legends Cup. Max’s post at CPAM said that because Buddy acted alone and didn’t hinder LC, Water Vikings are able to keep competing. Max’s statement proclaimed,

Due to the unique set of circumstances surrounding this scandal, the Water Vikings will continue to participate in the Legends Cup X.

Out of curiosity onto why Buddy would log on multiple penguins to advantage his army, I’ve approached Buddy for a statement about this situation, and this is his reply:

Firstly, I’d like to apologize to the community & WV for what I did. I, of all people should know it’s wrong after all these years and simply not worth it in the end. I never meant to harm WV’s reputation and I don’t think my stupid decision to multilog 2 penguins should tarnish anything about this great gen that WV is having. I feel bad and truly wish all the best to WV and hope this isn’t the end for me in the army. Remember, you either Fear the wave or drown in it. :heart:

Zamb’s Note: Despite Buddy multilogging, I believe his transparency towards the situation and honesty is something that the League can respect. Multilogging by all means is a scandal, but admitting it early without external pressure and prior to being exposed takes courage from an individual to throw their pride and admit their wrongdoings. By any means, Buddy’s behavior is an admirable and one that leaders and others can follow to create a more fair league. The Legends Cup Committee recognized this too and gave their regards to Buddy whilst allowing Water Vikings to keep their spot in LC (although his multis weren’t linked to any LC events).

Buddy’s multilog scandal may have given Water Vikings a slight advantage, but the board has deemed his behavior as independent and continues to allow Water Vikings to continue competing in the Legends Cup. Despite there being argument on whether if there is any value to multilogging 2-3 penguins, but at the end of the day, it is still considered as multilogging.

What are your thoughts? Is Buddy right for admitting his multilogging? Or has his scandal damaged the reputation of Water Vikings? Will Buddy’s disappearance from the leadership hinder the army’s endeavors? Or will they continue to rise in his absence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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