The Great Alberto War

FJORD, Alberto Warriors Capital – The Alberto Warriors recently declared war on the Fighter Pilots, for various reasons. This is bound to be an interesting war, as both armies only have one piece of land, and depending on who wins the battle on the night of June 10th, the war may or may not end. Read on to find out more!

This started when it was discovered by AW HCOM that the Fighter Pilots were planning an attack. The Fighter Pilots had hoped for an alliance earlier, but with this update in their relationship, it was highly likely that they were ever going to be allies again. Soon enough, Alberto declared an invasion on the Fighter Pilots with the reason: “DON’T LET SOMEONE ELSE CONTROL YOUR ARMY“. Alberto himself said that he believes strongly in this. Aside from this reason, many IW HCOM are in the Alberto Warriors, as it was started when Alberto was instated as an Ice Warrior leader. This mattered to the decision of the invasion, due to the Fighter Pilots making a plan that some would call cowardly, some smart: declaring an invasion of the Ice Warriors during their Legends Cup battle. The leaders of the Fighter Pilots may or may not go through with this plan, but the IW leaders who saw this leaked info were still salty.

One of the Alberto Warrior’s event pictures.

A Fighter Pilot event picture.

As seen above in the two pictures, both the Alberto Warriors and the Fighter Pilots get similar maxes. Their tactics are also very strong, with both armies having members trying to spam their keyboard as fast as they can with the desired message. The Fighter Pilots have the Golden Troops backing them up, while the Alberto Warriors are hoping to solo this, without any allies. Good luck to both armies during the Invasion of Frostbite! I was lucky enough to catch an interview from both Alberto, Leader of the Alberto Warriors, and Semi, Leader of the Fighter Pilots.

Interview with Alberto, Leader of Alberto Warriors:

CPAL: Do you know why the war is happening? If so, please tell us why.

Alberto: I do, I am a strong believer that if you lead an army then you yourself should LEAD that army. Do not let someone that may be in a bigger army make you do what they want YOUR army to do. have a back bone.

CPAL: Do you think that the Fighter Pilots have a chance in this war?

AlbertoIt’s not exactly a war, It’s one invasion and done.

CPAL: Do you think that they are gold rejects?

AlbertoThey technically weren’t rejected by golds so….. no

CPAL: Are you excited for this invasion, as it is the first real invasion of the Alberto Warriors?

AlbertoOfcourse. Nothing better than AW finally being on the map

CPAL: Thanks for your time! Any last comments?

AlbertoTo all aspiring Leaders out there, Don’t let anyone ever tell you how control your army, one bad decision and this is what happens. Alberto out.

Interview with Semi, Leader of the Fighter Pilots

CPAL: Do you know why the invasion is happening? Can you disclose any details about this?

Semi: Uh well I ain’t no snitch but I think they’re jealous that our brother allies GT gave us a server. Not really sadly. I thinkkkk it’s because AW are just IW under a different name. As you may know FP may or may not have planned an invasion, but as I said before ain’t no snitch so I’ll stop there.

CPAL: Is the rumor that you scheduled an invasion on the Ice Warriors during their Legends Cup true?

SemiWell tell me that it’s illegal to do something like that. Call me a jerk or a snake for doing it, idgaf. I embrace the snakeness. But yes, I did schedule an invasion because do you expect me to go up against them in normal times?

CPAL: Is it true that you are gold rejects?

Semi: well I embrace the gold rejectness. Golds was a good army, and we’re proud to be Golds rejects. I’m proud af to be associated with such a strong army. I ain’t an alberto reject cause was never in alberto warriors to begin with

CPAL: Are you excited for this defense?

SemiI am hella excited for this defense cause we gonna whoops Alberto’s ass. He doesn’t know what’s coming for him. And rag on me all you want after I say this, it won’t break me down. I don’t stan alberto

CPAL: Thanks for your time? Any last comments before we fly?

SemiAlberto’s gonna fall off a plane soon. That’s all I’m going to say. But also can y’all not hate me for this we used to be friends (kinda) like this is pointless drama :/

Both leaders are excited for the initial Invasion of Frostbite, due to the tension of what will happen if the Alberto Warriors win. If they win, for those who aren’t sure, the Alberto Warriors will be able to force treaty the Fighter Pilots and ask them to do anything related to armies, until a certain deadline. As this is one of the few times that both sides only have one piece of land, the results are bound to be controversial, and I advise the judges to be extra-careful with this. With both sides preparing for what appears to be a war without multiple invasions, I’m sure that all others are interested to find out what will happen. Again, good luck to both sides!


Write what you think will happen below! Do YOU think that the Fighter Pilots will win? Do YOU think that the Alberto Warriors will win? Do YOU think that the Fighter Pilots are Gold Rejects? Do YOU think that Alberto will fall off a plane? Let Us Know Below!!

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