Bikers cruise into the Community

Slushy, CPAL HQ – Another new army has come cruising into the Army League community as the Bikers were officially instated into the league. Continue reading to find out more about this army!

A New army has come to town in the Bikers of CP, who were accepted by Army League Head of Board 32op at 6:24 pm EST on the 10th of June, bringing a lift to the Small/Medium Community following the closure of armies such as Animal Kingdom and Dark Bandits.

The Bikers were created on the 6th of June by former Animal Kingdom troop PhoenixFire, The Galactic Empire Leader WerewereDuck, and Myth. They also held their first event on the 10th of June achieving a max of 11, giving them more than the required max to register for the Army League.

Bikers first event, Maxing 11

In the short journey that they’ve had so far, the Bikers have made already made 3 allies in the Army League community such as Alberto Warriors, Marines, and the Ice Warriors.  While also forming alliances with multiple CPAM armies including the Dark Vikings and the Island Invaders. A huge step forward for leaders Phoenix, Myth, Werewereduck, Agent32, and Daisycake. With their addition I thought it wise to get an insight into leaders, Phoenix’s, mind and discover his plans for the Bikers army.

Interview with Bikers leader, Phoenix

CPAL:Hey Phoenix, first of all congratulations on being accepted into CPAL, Can you tell me where did the Idea for the Bikers come from?

Phoenix: Ty. I just love motorcycles, so I put on an outfit that looked cool and people kept saying they loved my outfit. So I was like, maybe I’ll start an army. And that’s what I did.

CPAL:How did you decide on your current leadership team?

Phoenix: They were the first people who came and helped me set it up. The ones who came after and helped became 2IC

CPAL: With the recent increase in S/M armies, how do you think the Bikers will fair in the competition.

Phoenix: I think we will do good, we are growing at a steady rate and we have already made some allies

CPAL: What are your long and short term goals for the Bikers?

Phoenix: A short term goal is to just have fun events and have a fun time. Our long term goal is to become a medium or major army

CPAL: Thank you for your time, any final messages to say to our readers?

Phoenix: Thanks to everyone who helped me with my army. I hope we will go far.

High hopes for the Bikers from PhoenixFire as the Bikers will be sure to hit the road soon and to schedule their CPAL event at a later time as they focus on helping their allies at the time of writing. I for one think the Bikers have what it takes to stick around for quite some time in our community!

Do you think the Bikers are here to stay? What does the future hold for this motorcycle-based army? How will they fare on Sunday’s Small/Medium top ten? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!


CPAL Reporter

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