Weekly Roundup with Semi

SLUSHY – CP ARMY LEAGUE HQ This week has been a calmer week for sure, but much has still been happening. If you think you missed some news, be sure to read this post to catch yourself up!

The Furrid-19 Virus

It is with great sadness and satire that I announce to you an epidemic is spreading. Inside CPAL, many have declared or been discovered as furries. While many claim to be furries for the hype, the official furries started with CPAL Head of Board, Mehakk. It soon spread to fellow Royals Retiree Erika, and soon later Brooke, current Royals leader being confirmed. There is no doubt that there are more furries among us, so keep an eye out.



This week, two leaders retired/stepped down from their position as leader in their armies. Early in the week, Mare, leader of One Direction Army, retired from her post so she can focus on personal issues and stressful circumstances. Late in the week, the confusing situation with Animal Kingdom had Leila stepping down as AK leader. She sought to become HCOM in DCP, and retired due to her not being able to have the time to be a leader.


This week three promotions to leader occurred in armies. Gingersnap, DCP former leader and legend, has returned to armies in a short statement made in announcements of the DCP server, saying briefly “im back.” Along with this, IW Legend Firestar08 has come to leadership in Elites, the fourth emperor to be crowned. Firestar08 has been in many armies, Elites being another one of his journeys.


New Armies

This week, we saw three new armies enter the community, one shutting down less than two days after its verification. The first army to enter the community was USFHZWOCPATG, Unban Sweater from Homie Zone Warriors of Club Penguin Armies: The Game, shut down after Sweater was unbanned from Homie Zone and apologized. After that, a more serious army Water Vikings emerged. Already very prominent in CPAM, the Water Vikings have entered CPAL, registered in both leagues like many armies. With their past experience, WV are already major. Later in the week, the mysterious Alberto Warriors have emerged, donning moose heads. As many meme armies come, which armies are memes and aren’t?


Not In an Article

This week, there were a few stories not big enough to fit into an article due to time and prioritized articles. At the start of the week, Head of Board army merged into IW, IW gaining about 0 troops from this merge due to HOB’s low loyalty rate. This is deeply saddening for the army due to the fact that they had plans to invade land in 9 years. Along with that, this week Drew22 was promoted to Leader-in-training for AK, and then a leader after Leila stepped down. As AK is now shut down, they have become HCOM at DCP. Along with this, Sweater/Conor, who may have edited this article, was promoted to Editor In Chief of CPAL.

What do YOU think about this week? What was the most important story? Should more of these events be in an article? What was your favorite story? Leave your answers in the comments below!


CP Army League Reporter

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