Elites Add A New Leader To Help Them Stay LIT

AVALANCHE, Elites Capital: This week, The Elites have truly shown they are worthy of being a major army, consistently getting sizes of 25-35, even after CPO shut down. Throughout this time Ice Warriors Legend Firestar has been helping them tremendously get these high numbers, now lets see how the Elites will do with Firestar as a leader!

Firestar has had experience in tons of legendary armies, he was a Ice Warriors Leader and Legend, he was in the Doritos, Marines, Light Troops, and he was a Pink Ninjas Leader. As you can see Firestar definitely has experience and is worthy of this promotion to Leader.

Ice Warriors in February 22, 2020 under leadership of Firestar

On May 30th, at 5:36 PM EST, Elites Leader Mythic announced that they will be adding Firestar to the Elites leadership.


Elites Leader Mythic announces that Firestar will be promoted to Emperor.

It seems like all the current Elites emperors agree on this decision, saying that he has shown great leadership at events, and that he brings the skill set the Elites required. I got a chance to sit down with the newest Elites Leader Firestar. Let’s see how he feels about the promotion.


Interview with Elites Newest Leader, Firestar

CPAL: What was your reaction to the promotion?

Firestar: Honestly at first, I was genuinely surprised. I joined the army in early May, so I thought I had a longer way to go.

CPAL: Mythic mentions that he asked you before if you would like to join Elites as leader, but you declined because you felt like you needed to prove to everyone that you deserve the rank. Do you think you have now proved to everyone that you deserve the rank? And if not, why so?

Firestar: I believe that I finally proven that I deserve the rank. I was never apart of the original idea of bringing the elites of cp back, so I thought that I needed to prove my worth to the army before taking command. After the recent PB with the Water Vikings, I’d say that I did a fantastic job at the tactics.

CPAL: What do you think you can bring to the table as an Elites Leader?

Firestar: Since the legends cup is around the corner for us, I think I can provide a strong boost for us in general. I have experience from being in previous legends cups, so I know what’s in store for the coming days.

CPAL: How far do you think the Elites will get in the Legends Cup under your leadership?

Firestar: We have a good shot at defeating most of the smaller armies in the early bracket, but there are pretty large armies such as IW and ACP in our side of the bracket, so time will tell.

CPAL: What sizes do you expect elites to hit under your leadership, or in the near future?

Firestar: It is very possible for us to reach higher numbers such as 40+, because in recent events we’ve been maxing 30+.

CPAL: Any final comments?

Firestar: Elites will rise!

Firestar is surprised that the Emperors think he is worthy of the rank, he thought he would need to be in the army longer before being promoted to leader. He does however believe that he himself has proven that he deserves this rank. He also says he can give them a strong boost in both the legends cup and in general, and that he thinks under his leadership they should get past most of the smaller armies in the legends cup. He then finally says that it is possible Elites can get higher numbers around 40+, as they currently reach sizes of 30+.

What do YOU think? Will Firestar lead the Elites to higher maxes? Can the Elites get farther in the Legends Cup with him under the leadership? As always, comment below what you think.

CP Army League Reporter-In-Training

Reviewed By:

CP Army League Board of Directors


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