Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [5/3/20 – 5/10/20]

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – After many administration changes in the CPOAL, we have decided to continue a CPOAL Top 10. This week, we saw the new server map go live as many armies decided to get some free land for themselves. Lets see how this impacted our Top 10 this week.

> CLICK HERE for the S/M Army Top Ten <

1. Pirates [146.75] 

2. Doritos [135.50]

3. Dark Warriors [114.00]

4. Ice Warriors [107.50]

5. Golds [91.00] 

6. Night Warriors  [89.00] 

7. Redemption Force [69.50] 

8. Special Weapons & Tactics [65.35] 

9. Light Troops [63.50] 

10. Skaters [58.50] 


Close to Top Ten

10. Royal Family [53.60] 

11. Animal Kingdom [52.90] 

Click here for calculations.


1. PiratesPirates had a very successful week, starting off with an event called Operation: Blue where they hit 115, followed by 3 invasions on the new server map. Invading winter land, polar and jackhammer, they maxed 110+ for each, putting them at number one for this weeks top ten.

2. Doritos Doritos also had a good week, with 4 invasions. Starting with rocky road they maxed 112, followed by 114 at their invasion of Iceland. Their next 2 invasions, of snowbound and frostbite had a slight dip in maxes, at 82 and 90.

3. Dark WarriorsDark Warriors hosted 4 events this week, 2 of them being Ausia events, with good turnout. An Ausia division battle saw a turnout of 60, and an igloo raid event brought 50. In US/UK times, they had an invasion of outback, maxing 104, and white out with 91.

4. Ice WarriorsIce Warriors had a busy week with 5 events, all of which were invasions for free land. Starting with an invasion of Aurora, they maxed 80, before a slight dip when they maxed 60 at their invasion of parka. Their next invasions saw similar numbers for both Ausia and none Ausia invasions, with 70 troops for the invasion of tundra, 60 at the Ausia invasion of Frozen, and 60 at the invasion of below zero.

5. Golds  Golds also had an action packed week with 5 events. An Ausia invasion of Fiesta saw 40 troops show, while their next invasion of white house and adventure saw maxes of 65 and 55 respectively. They finished out the week with another 2 invasions, maxing 45 at the invasion of abominable and 50 for their fight for fog.


6. Night Warriors – Night Warriors showed they’re back and ready to go with 3 events, the first being their Return Event, maxing 65. They then had an event called Operation 40, where they maxed 74 troops and then prepped for battles at a training event with a turnout of 50.

7. Redemption Force – Redemption Force had a lighter week, with 2 invasions. First was their invasion of hypothermia with 48 troops, followed by the invasion of chinook, with 45.

8. Special Weapons & TacticsSWAT had a rather interesting week, but still managed to have 4 events. An unscheduled Ausia event saw 29 people, while their invasion of husky hit 40. A Verification event had 32, while their best event this week was an invasion of hibernate where they maxed 45.

9. Light Troops Light Troops had just 2 events this week, seemingly not interested in the map at this time. At a training event 48 troops came, while another training event, this time a successful practice battle versus Redemption Force, saw 41.


10. SkatersSkaters had 2 events this week, both tactic practices. The first saw a max of 37, while the second saw a turnout of 40+



CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer


CPO Army League Reporter

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