Club Penguin Online: Small/Medium Top Ten Armies [5/3/20 – 5/10/20]

SLUSHY, CPO Army League Headquarters – Starting off this week with a bang, we saw many Small/Medium Armies rush to invade free land. Lets see how the new server map impacted the Small/Medium army world.

1. Royal Family [53.60]

2. Animal Kingdom [52.00]

3T. Elites [49.00]

3T. Aliens [49.00]

4. Golden Troops [48.67]

5. Athletes [42.50]

6. Tree Cult [39.33]

7. Mopfia [39]

8. Games [38]

9. Squires [36.80]

10. One Direction [33]


Close to Top Ten

11. Sun Warriors

12. Instrumentalists

Click here for calculations.


1. Royal Family The Royal Family takes back their number one spot and begins this week with an Invasion of Yukon maxing 25. Their next event was invading Alaska with 20 logged on and the end of the week saw a max of 20 for their invasion of Sparkle. Still a slow week, but a good one for Royals.

2. Animal Kingdom – With a wild week for Animal Kingdom, we’re sure they’re moving up. After hosting five rather successful events this week and ranging maxes from 11-16, taking Sled, Rainbow, Great White, Hockey, and Cozy, AK is starting to show dominance.

3T. Elites A brand new army already taking third place, the Elites are definitely showing off. Holding an Operation Official event with a max of 25+ and an Igloo Raid hosting 25 penguins, we’re sure this army will go far.

3T. Aliens – Unfortunately after moving down to Sm/Md armies, we hope Aliens can still get back on their feet. This week they had a fashion show and an invasion of Yeti maxing 22 and 26+. Even with a dip in activity, they’re still top 3 in Sm/Md.

4. Golden Troops – Starting off with an invasion of Blizzard maxing 19 the Golden Troops make strong moves and end up taking three servers. Their second invasion, maxing 19 again and their third maxing 12, conquer Sherbet and Arctic.

5. Athletes – With a slow week of only two events, Athletes snag fifth place. Invading Misty first with a max of 18 following with an invasion of Sardine maxing 15.

6. Tree Cult  This week we see this army hold three events. Starting with an invasion of Crystal, going to an invasion of Tea, and finally a Hide and Seek fun event. All maxing 11, 20, and 12, not bad for this growing army.

7. Mopfia – Beginning their week with a successful battle against Janitors with a max of 15, the mops must have gotten dirty, because the rest of their week was rather slow.

8. Games – A first of its kind only Portuguese speaking Army has made a mark on the Top Ten with one Stamp Event where they maxed 23+.

9. Squires – The Squires had a busy week. They started off their week with two successful invasions of Oyster and Fjord where they maxed 8 and 9 respectively. Following this they hosted a Fashion show where they saw sizes of 14. A couple days later they hosted a Hide and Seek Event where they maxed 7 and finished their week with a Stamp event where they saw sizes of 8

10. One Direction – A newly created army, the One Direction Army find themselves in the Top Ten holding one Tactics Event where they maxed 12.



CPO Army League Executive Producer


CPO Army League Vice President


CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer

2 thoughts on “Club Penguin Online: Small/Medium Top Ten Armies [5/3/20 – 5/10/20]

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  2. Janitors would of been first if lucifer didnt get me banned and andrew on your pack called the army ruining squad as you ruined IW and if you werent here i would of been leader by now.


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