Da Best Leaves the Community

Slushy, Janitors HQ – Janitors leader, Da Best, has announced his departure from the Army League tonight just minutes after his removal as a reporter in training for the CPOAL. Continue reading to find out more. NOTE: Slight Satire.

Da Best pictured as an Ice Dorito

EDIT: Nevermind lads, he’s back
EDIT AGAIN: Nevermind lads, He’s gone again

The army league is in mourning after the recent departure of Janitors creator/leader/legend Da Best. Otherwise known as “Woody, Da Best came into the Army League community after he joined the Doritos in December 2019 and then leaped into the Ice Warriors staff attaining the most prestigious rank of 6th in command, following in the footsteps of Ben, Christopher1, and of course, Regan. Da Best became known to the Ice Warriors ownership with his incredible dedication to the song, “Baby Shark.” Da Best loved to listen to this song so much he would ask Regan to sing Baby Shark while Shinde dances to Regan singing Baby Shark while Madhav Draws Shinde dancing to Regan singing shark.

In mid-February, Da Best sought for adventures anew as he set up the famous Ice Doritos in an attempt to set up the army that has nothing to do with armies. The original Ice Doritos were one of the finest armies around, with assistance from Fish and Caesar. The Ice Doritos were shut down after Da Best told everyone at an Ice Warriors event while dressed in the Ice Doritos uniform. After this event, Da Best was removed from the Ice Warrior’s staff where he re-emerged in the Doritos before “leaving” to form his most amazing creation; The Janitors.

The Janitors were created at the start of April by Da Best & Lucifer. Da Best started with averaging an astonishing 4 in his first few events with massive help from his good friend and partner in crime, Pranpengu. The Janitors came in with an astonishing 23rd in the Universal Small/Medium Top 20 rankings and speculations began with an upcoming war with the Mopfia, due to each army’s fetish with mops. But alas, after the Mopfia emerged winners of their one practice battle with the Janitors at a 1 – 0 – 2 decision by Judges Cliff, Regan & Griff, the Janitors swore they would come back stronger.

The Janitors had big plans with the new server maps already invading Servers such as slushy & Christmas. They looked set for war with the recently departed Janitor, PranPengu, and his new army, Sun Warriors. But alas, a new army had prowled with the Animal Kingdom declaring a battle with the Janitors as both sides attempt to claim Ice Palace on the 10th of May. With AK leader Leila and Da Best exchanging invasions, it looked as doe war was coming Janitors way.

But on the 9th of May, at approximately 9:38 pm BST, hours after becoming a reporter in training, Doritos leader and CPOAL Board member 32op, announced the firing of Da Best and his time as a staff member in the army league with a Vincent Kennedy McMahon gif. Da Best understandably angry with this, took to the Janitors of CP discord server to make a few announcements. “i am stepping down fr this time as AL made me waste 5 f***ing hours of my life and fired me so i am out i am leaving owner ship with awesome and i am not coming back” which was announced at 9:54 PM BST.

Da Best will always be remembered in the hearts of all CPOAL members, his achievements are unmatched by many, and he shall be missed by many many many of us. At least until we see him rock up into CPOAL General tomorrow, pinging everyone in sight.

How do you think the Janitors will cope with the retirement of their creator, Do you think the Janitors can overcome Leila and the Animal Kingdom? Leave your thoughts and comments below, Da Best will comment I’m sure, so leave his comment a like. 



CPOAL Reporter

24 thoughts on “Da Best Leaves the Community

  1. What a legend. Da Best, you will be sorely missed by the whole CPO community. I wish you all da best, long live Ice Doritos, Janitors, and every other army you were a part of. I really wish we had become a bit closer during your time in armies.

    I wish you all da best Da Best.
    Yours, Kally.


    • Your not going to as you were the one that made me leave so i say to you to stop wasting people time in life and to leave or not hire anyone in the first place if you know that i cant write about a portuguese army


  2. I loved Da Best and all but he should have merged with GT and not have banned us from Janitors and Actors when the other leaders all agreed to it. Right after he resigned Janitors merged with GT which is what we wanted in the first place and is what the other Janitors leaders wanted to.


  3. Anyways, Da Best, sorry about the merge with GT, I know you didn’t want that(This time Jaren Agreed). Also, I wish you stayed. Now Harry won’t have anyone to rant at.


  4. First I am the real Da Best second IceDorito never had uniform. I wanted some bit the other leaders didnt so they left and thirdly. 32 AND MEHAKK MADE ME LEAVE SO IF ANYONE WANTS TO CONTINUE MY RANTING GO RANT AT 32 AND MEHAKK AND THEM FORCING ME TO DO A PORTUGUESE ARMY ARTICLE WITH NO HELP AND ONLY 1 LEADER TO GET INFO FROM SO STOP LYING YOU BASTARDS. Will miss everyone now to go and rant at awesome and Pranav for merging janitors AGAIN!!!


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