Into the Vault: SWAT vs. ACP [Battle for Mammoth]

Klondike, Army League HQ – Today we mark the return of: Into the Vault! Into the Vault is a series of posts where we take a look back at huge battles from the past between legendary armies. In today’s edition of Into the Vault, we will be looking back at the 2014 battle for Mammoth between SWAT & ACP.

 In what may have been the battle of the week (at the time), SWAT and ACP clashed on the legendary battlegrounds of Mammoth, a server deeply rooted in the history of both armies. For SWAT, it was an opportunity to return to its birth server. For ACP, it meant defending its historic former capital and a last hurrah for ACP Leader Jerry. In a highly anticipated match-up, SWAT had been preparing all week to take back the prized server of Mammoth. ACP, who had just reclaimed the server in a series of diplomatic negotiations, wanted to give Jerry a strong send-off in his final battle in Club Penguin armies.

Shortly before the battle, ACP had circled the Town and SWAT had circled the Forts. Both armies achieved strong sizes early with 30 or more on the server.

ACP peaks around 37 in the Town at the start of the battle.


SWAT prepares itself at the Forts with sizes of 27.

As it came time for the battle to begin, SWAT made the first move, attempting to invade the Town. Due in part to the limited space to maneuver and the lag that ensued from SWAT’s joke bomb, SWAT was forced to retreat back to the Forts to regroup.

SWAT enters the Town with a joke bomb but ACP holds them off.

ACP issues a claim following SWAT’s retreat to the Forts.

SWAT regroups with 27 at the Forts.

ACP pursued them soon after, attacking the Forts with a joke bomb of their own.

SWAT braces itself with an emote bomb as ACP enters the room with a joke bomb.


ACP makes an overlapping circle with SWAT and counters a joke bomb with their own emote bomb.

Amidst the chaos, SWAT retreated to the Iceberg.

ACP assumes SWAT’s circle formation with 32 at the Forts.

After a clover bomb of the Iceberg, SWAT sought to regroup, and moved to the Ice Rink. ACP settled into an X formation at the Iceberg while awaiting a room change.

ACP makes an X formation with 32 at the Iceberg.

The battle reached a climax at the Ice Rink, as SWAT organized into a half-circle formation. In an attempt to undercut the emote bomb from SWAT, ACP formed a diagonal line and half-circle and retaliated with a joke bomb.

ACP joke bombs the Ice Rink with 25-30 after a SWAT emote bomb with 20-25.

ACP switches to another X formation with about 31 and responds with an emote bomb.

After about 5 minutes of attacks and counterattacks from both sides, SWAT left the server.

ACP claims victory with 33 on Club Penguin after SWAT leaves the server.

Ganger praised his army’s performance for giving ACP a very good battle.

SWAT Leader Ganger90 praises his army’s performance despite admitting defeat.

Ganger hints that this will not be the last time ACP must defend itself against SWAT.

Overall, this was a very good, clean battle from both sides, and one that seemed enjoyable for both armies. ACP celebrated its victory in tribute to Jerry, and SWAT praised its soldiers for a very strong showing and were not afraid to admit defeat after a very long but fair battle.


I personally feel like this was an amazing battle, especially between two great armies. It’s amazing that we see SWAT back alive on Club Penguin Online now a days and battling hard to re-claim Mammoth from enemy invaders. It’s also truly amazing that we see the likes of other legendary armies like the Doritos, Ice Warriors, Light Troops, Dark Warriors & more still alive to this day re-creating these type of battles. Which one should we report on next time?


So what do YOU think about the Battle for Mammoth? Was it a good battle to look back on? Was it something you enjoyed looking at? Here at the Army League, we want YOUR opinions!



Head of Board

2 thoughts on “Into the Vault: SWAT vs. ACP [Battle for Mammoth]

  1. Amazing work freezie, this things are the best to read… is interesting to see battles of the past. If you can get one of the biggest battles around 2014-2018 it would be awesome.


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