Sinners Merge Into Skaters

BRUMBY, Skater’s nation- The Sinners have recently re-entered the Top Twenty listings and were preparing themselves for a long and interesting generation. However, things have moved in a different direction, as they have now decided to shut down and merge into the Skaters instead.

The Sinners reopened on April 13th with continuous strong Ausia events. These events saw them hit sizes of up to 30+, with some well executed tactics. It’s been nearly a month since the army returned, holding several top twenty positions and increased sizes. One of their most recent events can be seen below:

Earlier this morning- Sinners leader Royal announced that they would be merging into the Skaters. This merge was a bit odd compared to others. Rather than moving into the Skaters server, everyone moved to the old Sinners of CP. Bringing an influx of new members, all seven leaders were sure to welcome everyone and answer questions. Thank the lord there are seven capable leaders, including Overload, Zero, Royal, Red, Spinach, Elisha, and Averil. A quick excerpt from his announcement can be seen below:


I had the opportunity to sit down with Zero and Overload, two ex-Sinners leaders, to discuss the path to putting this decision in motion, and what future lies ahead of it:

An Interview with Sinners Leaders, Zero and Overload 

CPOAL: Why did Sinners merge with Skaters?

Zero: It’s hard to recruit with the name sinners, Everyone say it’s an evil cult lol and also skaters have been helping us a lot with our events and we have been helping them.

CPOAL: What are your goals ahead for new Skaters?

Overload: Our goal is to max like 40-50+ and make it a major army ofc.

CPOAL: Do you think Skaters can be a tough challenge for the Major armies?

Overload: Maybe, but we gotta recruit loads tho.

CPOAL: Do you think the original Skater Leaders are a sort of rival for you guys?

Overload: We see Skater Leaders as a family!

CPOAL: Since Skaters are allied with the IUA, are the Skaters staying or leaving IUA?

Overload: Skaters will be leaving IUA but maybe we will join back in IUA when we hit the sizes of 60-70+.

CPOAL: Thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Zero: Thank you, We will hardwork 24/7 to make Skaters a major army!

Overload: Thank you and Good Day to all!

I also had the opportunity to interview Elisha, Skaters Leader. Let’s hear her side of the story with a discussion of the merge.

An Interview with Skaters Leader, Elisha

CPOAL: Was the merging discussed between the Staff of the Skaters?

Elisha: It was discussed between Sinners Leaders and Spinach,  other Leaders of the Skaters was not informed about the merging.

CPOAL: Were you comfortable when you came to know about the merging?

Elisha: Not really.

CPOAL: Do you think this a rushed decision?

Elisha:Yes because they did not even talk to all the staff of Skaters…and all of this happened in one day.

CPOAL: What do you think is the maximum potential for the new Skaters?

Elisha: I am expecting the sizes or 30-40+.

CPOAL:  What is the goal for the new Skaters as an army?

Elisha: For me, i dont really know but for Overload the main leader is to max 50+ in an event and become a major army.

CPOAL: Thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers?

Elisha: No, Thank you!

While it’s sad to see another army leave this community with such a short and memorable push, the Skaters and Sinners combined could turn into a major army and give the major armies a challenge. But there’s definitely some food for thought for readers. The merge was a behind closed doors decision which only included one leader of the Skaters. In Elisha’s interview, her displeasure regarding the merge is clearly visible. So what will this mean for the Skaters? Will we see some Leaders departing from the helm? Does this mean that Skaters are run by just one Leader?


What do YOU think about Sinners Merge? Do YOU think the merge will last? What do YOU think will happen with Skaters now? Do YOU think Skaters can be a major army?

CPO Army League Reporter

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CPO Army League Vice President

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