Night Warriors Make a Mighty Return to the Community

FOG, Night Warriors Empire – The Night Warriors made a magnificent return to the community Sunday Afternoon. The leadership of Toysoldier and DrFlen have been preparing for the debut event for some time and impressed themselves and the entire army community.

The Night Warriors had a brief stint on Club Penguin Online back in November of last year. They were led by Vxenty and Epic101 for a couple of months. They would max around 30 for each of their events. Vxenty didn’t really put that much time into the Night Warriors and they didn’t have a good foundation of staff members. Ultimately, in February they were taken off the list of active armies. They were deemed inactive and were removed from the Army League and were no longer official.

Return of the Night Warriors Event in November 2019

In the Night Warriors return event, they had a traditional type of event where they practiced tactics and formations. They were able to reach a maximum size of 65, which is very impressive considering this was their opening event.

E+9 Tactic performed by the Night Warriors in their return event

In order to find out more about the return of the legendary Night Warriors, I was fortunate to interview NW leader DrFlen.

An Interview with Night Warriors leader, DrFlen

Prince B: What were your overall thoughts on the return event of the Night Warriors?

Flen: It’s been something I and Epic planned about for a while now. Initially, it was supposed to be Me and Epic leading, however, due to his retirement, it’s me. Toy joined me as well and now we have Ben also. Night Warriors is a legendary army that deserved another run and that’s what we’re doing.

Prince B: What are your goals for this generation of the Night Warriors?

Flen: Well, the army community itself has been silent now. There’s no war or anything. NW has always been known for adding spice to Army Community. We have the server map, we’re starting to invade servers. Plus we have a lot more plans about how NW will change the shape of this community.

Prince B: What went into forming this generation of NW and have there been any challenges you have had to overcome?

Flen: Ah, yes. A lot of effort was put in by everyone in our staff. Epic, me, the 2ics, and 3ics. We started recruiting soon as we had the site on top already. There were no such challenges we faced. Of course, when you revive or make a new army, it takes some time to be stable, but with the current staff, I’m sure we can do it.

Prince B: What is the current leadership capable of? What are some of the strengths of the current leadership?

Flen: Toy and I led NW before alongside Drake. I miss Drake in this leadership. However, we’ve got Ben who’s had fair experience in leading armies. Our leadership is built on the core value that we value our troops more. We’re not like the armies out there who just use their troops for events and don’t care. We take care. We make sure they enjoy the events. I think NW’s the best army to be in right now.

Prince B: Thank you for the time, anything you would like to add?

Flen: Might of the Night.

DrFlen highlights having a return of the Night Warriors in mind and recently they were able to make it happen. The Night Warriors is a very infamous name throughout the community and this is something that Flen acknowledges and decided that the army needed another run at it. With the release of the server map, Flen has big plans for the Night Warriors in that department and has even more plans about changing the community as a whole through NW. Flen wants the Night Warriors to have a different message, along the lines of putting the troop first and putting creating a fun environment outside of events. Shortly after this event, the Night Warriors were approved to become an official army in the CPO Army League.


What do YOU think? Will NW reach new heights in this new generation? Will the Night Warriors be able to keep up with other major army’s? Comment YOUR opinion down below!

-๖ۣۜPrince B

CPO Army League Associate Producer

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