A Look Into The CPR Armies on The Top Twenty

KLONDIKE – Zing’s Office – It’s a Sunday which means the most exciting post of the calendar week has dropped. The Universal Top Twenty rankings have now been published as an indicator on how armies are doing. With the historical announcement just two weeks ago that we would be including armies from alternative platforms, the CPR community have presented us with some armies you may not be familiar with.

For as long as I can remember, a Top Ten ranking system has been in place in the community. This system works on a formula that takes into account events, army sizes, tactics and more in order to find out who the best performing army of the week was. With the division in the community, an accurate Top Ten has been scarce leading to the decision to include all armies, regardless of platform on our ranking list.

While we regularly get to cover the armies of Club Penguin Online on this site, we have had less opportunity to cover the armies that CPR have brought to the battle for Number One.

The Rebel Penguin Federation ranked as fourth place on our list this week. With the Pirates and Dark Warriors managing to secure the top spots of the overall ranking, the RPF did accomplish a great feat of their own. For the second week in a row, RPF have been the best performing army from Club Penguin Rewritten. Their performance last week secured them a second place position, and while falling in the ranks, they have remained the top of the game in regards to the CPR armies.

The RPF have recently been attempting to give rise to their AUSIA division, something that will certainly help them on their climb to the number one ranking. They’ve also recently been engaged in a bitter World War. On May 2nd, Ultipenguin took to the RPF website to announce the conclusion of the war. A ceasefire was announced between RPF and ACP, lasting until September. Chaos Army, who we will get to later, surrendered in the war with the RPF.

Next to rank on the Top Twenty was the Army of Club Penguin. Back in 2017, the staff of Club Penguin Army World Media sat in a chat voting and discussing who the greatest army of all time is. While the Top Five were hard to decide, the number one position was easily obtained by the ACP. While this could have been because CPAWM was, for a long time, ran by the ACP, unofficially, the ACP proved in their time in the community that they were a force to be reckoned with.

The ACP have been feuding with the Rebel Penguin Federation as of the last few weeks, teaming up with the Chaos Army. The alliances and declarations formed together to create a World War in Club Penguin Rewritten. A ceasefire to the war was announced between ACP and the RPF that will last until September. Ranking on the Number 7 position, down from last week, the ACP will now have a lot more time in which to build back up towards the Number 1 ranking.

Chaos Army fell just shy of making the Top Ten, with an eleventh place ranking. While seeming awful to say, the Coronavirus Outbreak has proven very useful to Chaos – who have seen an impressive number of veterans return to the army, leading to them being able to climb the rankings this week. Chaos is also the first CPR army to be ranked higher this week than they were last week.

Rebel Penguin Federation have been the targets of Chaos recently. They’ve been involved heavily in the ‘World War’, on the side of the Army of Club Penguin. With ACP and RPF recently declaring a ceasefire – the Chaos Army felt left with no alternative other than to surrender to the RPF in a war. With the war over, and the veterans seemingly here for a while longer, Chaos now have a perfect opportunity in which to grow the army with no distractions.

Down from last week, but chasing after Chaos with only a six point difference, Help Force ranked 12 on our Top Twenty Rankings. The Help Force continues to establish themselves as a leading AUSIA army with an AUSIA division demanding attention. With a mixed bag of results, ranging from 20 to 42 in sizes, the Help Force have had a decent week. They also invaded the Northern Lights server this week.

The Help Force only found themselves to be eight points away from breaking into the Top Ten for the first time on the Universal Top Ten. With more consistency in the event sizes, the Help Force can have  lot of success. With the World War now over, the Help Force will be looking to increase their sizes, and maintain a healthy size at all events.

Managing to break into the Top 15 on our Top Twenty rankings, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin were extremely busy this week with a whole host of events including a Hide and Seek, Sith vs. Jedi Event and an AUSIA Invasion of the Rebel Penguin Federation in the ongoing World War that has seemed to come to an end today. Supporting the ACP in the war recently, the Recon Federation have been very helpful in providing a steady number of troops for the alliance.

The Recon Federation managed to rank higher this week than last week with a three point gap between them and the Club Penguin Online armies, Sinners of CPO and Royal Family hunting them down. Certainly going in the right direction, the Recon Federation will now look to continue keeping busy in an effort to increase their army sizes, and hold a consistant size throughout the week.

Also of the opinion that busy is best, the Penguin Imperial Confederation have certainly kept busy. Despite being at the very bottom of the Top Twenty last week, they have pushed through and managed to place 18th on the rankings this week. Another army intertwined with the World War, the PIC army took the side of the Rebel Penguin Federation declaring war on ACP.

Interestingly, two more points from the Penguin Imperial Confederation would have shot them past both Club Penguin Online armies, Sinners and Royal Family to 16th place. With such small margins yet huge potential for growth, the recent taste of war will likely encourage proaction from the army as they grow in size.

Following concerns from army leaders and rival news sites about the Universal Top Ten and how the rankings are decided, I tracked down Kingfunks4 to ask him a few questions about the Club Penguin Rewritten armies on the Top Twenty.

What protections have been put in place to ensure the Universal Top Ten is an accurate and fair indicator of army performance, regardless of platform?

So the universal top ten has a formula that is applied fairly and equally to all armies from both platforms. This formula is similiar to one that was used on CPAC and judges armies based on size (which is double counted to ensure accuracy), tactics and number and type of events. Since it’s purely statistical it’s both an accurate and fair indicator of how armies perform.

What is the likelihood of a Club Penguin Rewritten Army appearing as the Number One rank on the Universal Top Ten?

It is possible that the RPF could get the number one rank at some point, they aren’t actually that far off it. RPF’s advantage over the other armies (like Pirates, DCP), is that they have more events so they are getting a lot more event quality points. They need to be consistently getting around 90-100+ to get that top spot.

Looking at the 1-10 Rankings, only two armies come from Club Penguin Rewritten. What factors do you believe contribute to this?

So theres a few factors that contribute. The main factor is that we need to look at how many CPR armies are there as a proportion of their total community. There are 26 CPO armies out of a total of 43 armies, so naturally there will be more CPO armies in the Top Ten. Also, armies like Chaos and Help Force were just outside – so had they made it in those proportions would be about right. It also comes down to how big CPO/CPR armies are, and at this moment in time there are a few more larger CPO armies than CPR.

Looking at the 11-20 Rankings, it’s a much more even bag with five CPR Armies, and five CPO Armies. What do the SM Communities need to do to ensure that their platform dominates the rankings?

You need to ensure that you have a good number of events, but not too many to ensure that your sizes are still high. Also, its important to consider the tactics section – your tactics points will be much lower if you have rouge/stamp events. Armies generally can be bigger if they recruit more and this is done through high quality leadership and troop commitment and involvement.

Funks has given a factual account of how the Top Ten is decided and has shed some light into the appearance of inequality between the amount of CPR and CPO armies represented on the rankings. With Rebel Penguin Federation clearly leading the charge of CPR, Funks believe that they are the army to watch out for. Tips for the small and medium army community have also been offered.

What do YOU think? Does RPF have what it takes to take the Number One position? Which SM Community will win the war next week?

Zing King To

Executive Producer

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