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Before I introduce our plans for the Summer @ CPO Army League, I would first like to introduce myself for those who do not know who I am. I am known as Kingfunks4, or Funks, and had previously been in CP Armies since 2009, before the eventual closure in 2017. In this time I led several armies, including the Ice Warriors and Army of CP, but my most pertinent experience to this website that I hold is that I was three times CPA Central CEO – the central news website for all CP Army news. In this time I worked with some of the best news reporters in the community, including CP Army Legends such as Woton, Bluesockwa1, Bluesockwa2, and Zakdude, meaning I was able to pick up some great ideas and gain valuable experience in how to effectively run a news website and what the most important aspects of this are. Since then I have not been involved in the community, but given the recent global circumstances (and the resultant lockdown) I have decided to help Atticus with the running of the website by taking up an active position on the board throughout this summer. I hope that my experience with CP Army news websites will prove useful to staff of all ranks at CPO Army League, so we can drive up standards and ensure that this website holds a reputation as a quality news outlet. Not only that, we want to be the hub of CPO Armies, a place that troops of all armies know of and one that they all look at to stay connected with the rest of the army community. To do this, we need to make sure that this is an organisation that can be trusted, that is exciting to be involved with and has the right structure in place to provide everything that this community will be expecting of us. It is also vital to me that we listen to comments and suggestions from CPO Army members; so we would love any suggestions you have so we can make positive changes to the website and the way we run.

Moving on to our plans for this summer, I am excited to say that we have a fantastic selection of competitions, tournaments, and segments that we will offer over the next few months. Many of these are returning from the old ‘Summer @ CPAC’, as they were highly popular and successful. Therefore, we decided that it made sense to bring some of these back and introduce them to the CPO Army community. The biggest one that we will reintroduce is the Legends Cup, which will be heading into its ninth competition (IX) since its inception in 2010. This competition brings with it massive hype, due to the stature that it holds and the glory that comes with winning the trophy, so we hope that this will be a success yet again. Other ideas include awards and titles such as the CPOAL 25, the reforming of the Legend Induction council to select some new CPO Legends, a new Small and Medium Army tournament, End of Summer Awards, a Spring Trivia Contest, and the summer of statistics.

We want to make sure that this a memorable summer, and we feel that as the main news website for CP Online we have a massive role to play. Our community of CPO Armies requires a strong and trusted website at its heart that can ensure that our community is connected. If we are not connected as one, and operate as several individual armies, we lose the core excitement of what CP Armies are about. CPO Army League over this summer and into the future will strive to provide this for you, but we need you to be involved in return. Without you, we will be nothing. So I encourage you and your armies to get fully behind and involved in these projects, and to play a role in forming the future of CPO Army League.

Without further ado, below I present to you the ideas that we will be bringing to life this summer, with a brief description of what these will entail.

Spring Trivia Contest

CPO Army League’s Chief Executive Officer Atticus will be introducing the Spring Trivia Contest in the very near future. There will be a trivia question posted daily on the website which will also be posted on our discord. Whoever comments with the correct answer first we will reward with coins on CPO, so you need to make sure you are fast in getting and commenting the right answer! These questions will run over the course of around 25 days, so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to earn some coins through this contest. Comments will also remain private until the winner is announced, so you won’t know who has posted the correct answer yet – if anyone!


Legends Cup IX

If you were around in armies before the switch from CP to CPO, you would know that the Legends Cup, launched by former CPA Central CEO Iasage, is the tournament with the most prestige and history. This tournament is the biggest event of the summer, meaning that it had to make it return to the CPOAL schedule. The Legends Cup is the pinnacle of CP Army success and had eight successive tournaments from 2010 to Club Penguin’s closure in 2017. Only three armies have won the competition, with only one remaining in CPO Armies, those being the Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Nachos 

Silverburg Rejoins RPF Leadership | CPA Central

RPF beat the Water Vikings in 2015

Legends Cup V: Finals Results | CPA Central

Ice Warriors beat the Nachos in the 2014 Legends Cup

Nachos beat the Light Troops in Legends Cup 2017

The Chief Executive Officers at CPO Army League have made the decision to bring back the Legends Cup for a ninth edition (IX), and we hope to bring some of the drama to the competition this year that we have seen before. We schedule the tournament for towards the end of the summer, so there is plenty of time to ensure that the right processes are in place and the tournament runs smoothly, fairly, and efficiently. The staff will have a discussion about the format of the tournament, rules for battles and ensuring that we had adequate judges for the tournament.

The Legends Cup will be a 16-army tournament from the first round, but we may accommodate an increased number through preliminary rounds (or qualifiers) if there is a high demand. The tournament will therefore run for just over a month and will be a straight knock-out competition. It will also be a seeded tournament, meaning that the rankings for the top ten the week prior to the battle schedule will determine which armies face who (the top army will face the lowest-ranked army, and so on).

The CPOAL 25

The CPOAL 25 is a public-voted list of the most influential people over the course of the summer. This feature is unique from others as the staff have no say in what order the 25 are – all we do is write up a biography for the top ten and post the order you voted for! The number one ranked person will be crowned as the most influential person of the 2020 summer – a title that has been held by several people across the history of CP Armies.

This will work by giving the public a week to submit their vote, and votes will be counted with first choices being given 25 points, all the way down to the 25th vote which will receive 1 point. The points will then be tallied up and the final order published. This feature will be published towards the end of summer, alongside the Legends Cup, and will be the finale for what will hopefully be a very successful summer for CP Armies.

Small & Medium Army Tournament

As well as the Legends Cup, we will also be running a Small and Medium Army Tournament over the course of this summer. This will run before the Legends Cup, to give us a ‘trial run’ of running a tournament under the new board and site leadership, ensuring that we have an effective system to run. While armies that do not qualify for the main top ten will still be enter the Legends Cup later in the summer, this will give small and medium armies a chance to fight for another piece of glory in what would hopefully be a competitive tournament.

The exact format of this tournament is so far undecided, so hold on for more details of what this will exactly look like. However, you can expect this tournament to run towards the start or middle of our summer programme. If you have any suggestions for names or format then please do comment and we will take these into consideration when making our final decisions.

Legend Inductions – July 2020

A CPO legend is the title given to those who have made the greatest impact on our community, making a significant or extraordinary contribution – making it the ultimate honour for someone to receive. The Legends Page is definitely something that we intend to focus on over the course of the next few months. The last legends induction took place in 2018, as we failed to hold an induction last year. We will be ensuring that there will be two legend inductions a year, in July and November.

People are inducted to the legends page based on votes from people within our community, as well as a board of existing CP or CPO Army Legends. The board will be reformed over the coming months, and the exact process will be decided, but each member of the board will receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ vote for each candidate. We will ensure that this process is efficient and that the right people are given the status of CPO Legend. Details of this will be released closer to the time, but make sure to keep an eye out for it to cast your vote.

End Of Summer Awards

The End of Summer Awards will be making its debut to CPO Armies this summer, which will give the chance for individuals and armies to win awards for their accomplishments over the course of the summer. The main awards that we will be handing out include:

  • Most Achieved
  • Best Leader
  • Best Co-Leader
  • Largest Army
  • Best S/M Army
  • Best S/M Leader
  • Best Graphics Designer
  • Top Reporter
  • Biggest War
  • Most Surprising Moment
  • Most Controversial Moment
  • Biggest Retirement
  • Biggest Return
  • Best Tournament
  • Most Annoying

These are just some of the categories that you will have a chance to vote on, with more that may be added when we run the awards. This will be towards the end of the summer, with people having the chance to nominate people for each category before the final vote then takes place based on a nomination list devised by both the community and CPOAL staff. We hope that this is some good fun that recognises armies’ and people’s accomplishments over the course of the summer.

Statistics Of Summer

The last of our summer plans will be a post that focuses on the ‘statistics of summer’. While this may not sound like the most exciting segment, it will summarise the Top Ten armies of the summer, which armies held the number one spot for the longest time and who hit the largest sizes and scores. This will then mean we can then decide who dominated the summer of 2020 in CPO Armies. This is expected to come out sometime towards the end of August or in September, so we have a while to look forward to this masterpiece.

That is it for the list of things we have on offer for the summer of 2020 in CPO Armies. Hopefully there is a range of ideas here that will suit as many people as possible and provide some interest. Having looked into armies upon my ‘half return’ in the past couple of weeks, I have noticed how we could be more united. This is part of the main reason why we have launched the Summer @ CPOAL programme that you can see today – to try and get all armies excited towards a joint aim. So tell your troops about some of our plans, hype up your tournaments and gain some real interest in CPO Armies outside of just your own armies. Also, we need some big wars – that is what makes armies the most interesting (and this is the point of armies), so please do not just stick to your training sessions – go and invade some armies just for the fun of it. This will make both yours and our experiences much more enjoyable.

We hope that you enjoy the competitions and segments that we will have on offer over the course of the summer. Make sure you comment YOUR opinion on these events, we want to hear what YOU think about the 2020 Summer @ CPOAL.


CPOAL Board & CP Army Legend

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  1. Look forward to everything! This summer is sure to be a blast.

    #cliff4legend2020 #sweater4legend2020 #konrad4legend2020


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