Club Penguin Online: S/M Universal Top Ten [4/19/20 – 4/26/20]


KLONDIKE, CPO Army League Headquarters- After the release of the first ever universal Top Twenty, CPO Army League is also pleased to announce that we will  continue to publish a S/M Top Ten featuring both armies from CPO and CPR.

NOTE #1.  This is an experiment and will be evaluated to determine how future Top Ten’s are created. 

NOTE #2. A multiplier of 1.5 has been added to every AUSIA event. For example, if you max 10, your max would then be 15. This multiplier may be adjusted accordingly in upcoming Top Ten’s.

1. Shadow Troops [53.25] [CPR]

2. Penguin Defense Force [51.00] [CPO]

3. Squires of CPO [51.00] [CPO]

T4. Crimson Guardians  [49.50] [CPR]

T4. Miners of CPO [49.50] [CPO]

6. Warlords of Cosmos [49.00] [CPR]

7. Takis [48.50] [CPR]

8. Os Mascarados [41.50] [CPR]

9. Instrumentalists [40.00] [CPO]

10. Gigi Hadid [38.00] [CPR]


1. Shadow Troops- The Shadow Troops make it to our number one spot this week. They first started off the week with a mining session in which they maxed 14. They then had a recruiting session maxing 13. Following those events, they had a UK event maxing 20.

2. Penguin Defense Force- The Penguin Defense Force made their return last week and have already became a Top 3 Small/Medium army! They had one event, an invasion of Klondike maxing 17.

3. Squires of CPO- The Squires had quite an eventful week this week. They started the week off with a news brief event maxing 11, they then had a Stamp Event maxing 12 and to end off the week, they had a 10-minute-tactics event maxing 6.


T4. Crimson Guardians- The Crimson Guardians had only one event this week in which they maxed 13 guardians.

T4. Miners of CPO – The Miners had one event this week, a Fashion Show maxing 13.

6. Warlords of Cosmos – The Warlords of Cosmos also had quite an eventful week. They started the week of with an Invasion of Alaska maxing 9. They then had an invasion of Fog maxing 7 and a Invasion of Sub Zero maxing 9. They ended the week with a practice battle against the Shadow Troops maxing 9.

7. Takis- The Takis take the number seven spot this week. They started off with an AUSIA event maxing 7. They followed that up with another AUSIA event maxing 8 and to end of the week they had another AUSIA event, an Invasion of Rocky Road maxing 6.

8. Os Mascarado– The Os Mascarados had 2 events this week. They started off the week with a returning event maxing 9. They then had a sled racing tournament maxing 10.

9. Instrumentalists – The Instrumentalists had one event this week, a defense of Sherbert, maxing 8.

1o. Gigi Hadid – The Gigi Hadid army made their return into this community this week. They had a return event maxing 2. They finished off the week with a tribute event maxing 3.



Comment YOUR opinion on the first ever S/M universal Top Ten. Did your army make the list? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer


CPO Army League God

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