CPOAL Week In Review 4/19 – 4/25

Klondike, CPO Army League Headquarters- The latest week of CPO armies has been quiet to say the least. No wars are ongoing. Not many armies have closed nor have many armies opened. Despite that, here at CPO Army League we are pleased to bring the second edition of the ‘Week in Review.’ Continue for a recap of this week’s news.

 Talks of Uniting Communities Stalls

In the biggest news of the week, a fellow news site organization in the army community made the decision to stall talks of uniting the community. After CPO Army League did everything in its power to unite the two communities, Ayan and his fellow coworkers made the decision to shut down the chance of merging the army communities. Although uniting the communities could make armies even stronger than they are now, a fellow news site decided to be selfish and deny the community of this opportunity. Despite this, we here at Army League will continue to do everything we can to provide for the army community. With a huge summer planned, CPOAL would love to play host to all the armies in the community.

The Golden Troops Return 

On April 20th, 2020, the Golden Troops of Club Penguin Online returned to the army community. Golden Troops leaders, MightyA and Sachmo, were given permission to recreate the army by Golden Troops creator, Sercan. In their first event of the new generation, the army maxed 15. In a report that I wrote here, MightyA had a goal of achieving 10-20 in the Golden Troops first few events. With the latest event, it looks like the Golden Troops are headed in the right direction. GT’s next event has not yet been scheduled; however, it will be interesting to see if they choose to participate in Sunday’s CPO Army League Free For All. Shown in the picture below is the Golden Troops return event.

The Golden Troops maxing 15 on CPO.

More Armies Join the Community

In the last week, the Animal Kingdom army has officially opened doors for business. Under the leadership of Leila, the Animal Kingdom army maxed 11 at their opening event. After being declared an official army, Leila quickly allied with another army, the Warhawks. At their second event of the week, the army maxed 8, despite being raided by the Redemption Force. With a strong event today, the Animal Kingdom army could finish strong in the next edition of the S/M Top Ten. In an interview seen here,Leila is extremely confident in her army and she appears to be quite capable of leading an army. Keep an eye out on the Animal Kingdom army as this army continues to grow.

In addition to the Animal Kingdom army, the Pookies of CP have now emerged on the CPO community. The Pookies were created in 2013; however, have been returned in the last week under the leadership of Kacy65, Adrewenn, Happycarrot2, and Sar123456. How successful this Pookies generation will be is a question going forward.

Animal Kingdom’s First Event

Gingersnap Leaves the Army community 

On April 23rd, Doritos legend, Gingersnap, announced to the CPO community that he would be retiring. After screenshots emerged of Gingersnap using racist language and bragging about his hacking skills, Gingersnap decided it was best he step down from the army and leave the community. CPO Army League Editor-In-Chief, Flen, had the opportunity to interview Gingersnap in a post shown here.Gingersnap cited that his mental health was the biggest reason he chose to retire. It is unfortunate that it came to the point that Gingersnap had to leave the community. I know many people in the Doritos army will miss him.

Marines On the Fast Track to Success

Since returning to the army community, the Marines have been one of the fastest growing armies. Under the leadership of Cliff, Fish, Buddy, Ben, and Zarpa, the Marines have maxed as much as 50 on Club Penguin Online. The growth of the army has impressed many and has not shown any signs of slowing down. With as many events as they’ve had and the sizes they have reached, the Marines are practically a lock to be in the next CPO Army League Top Ten.

Marines maxing 50 at an event.


Comment YOUR opinion on this week’s edition of the ‘Week In Review’. What will happen in this upcoming week? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer





1 thought on “CPOAL Week In Review 4/19 – 4/25

  1. Amazing! I think Animal Kingdom will suceed! Yet, I’m crying for my army. I think maxing 50 at a event is impossible but done by marines, impressive.


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