Gingersnap Leaves The Army Community

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital – It’s not been long since the Doritos army witnessed a war within themselves. The Doritos have come to a point of stability, but now they witness retirement of one Gingersnap, who is a former Leader and a Doritos Army Legend. It’s time to get into details and check out more about why he decided to retire.
Before we dive into details, let us have a short trip down Doritos Army history within our community.

It’s not been long since Doritos Army opened their gates to Club Penguin Online community. In this short period they managed to gain masses in an attempt to return their army to glory. However, this glory was struck by lighting when the leadership drowned in the decision of Mustapha’s removal, amid which the Doritos Leadership was divided into two sects operating on two different Club Penguin Private Servers.

This drama came to an end when Wwebestfan, Doritos Army creator announced that the division of Doritos was not an option. Stating this, he clarified that Doritos will continue to operate on CP Online servers. In this leadership crackdown, Gingersnap was a prominent personality, as he decided to not break alliance with the Doritos and help them get through that tough time.

The Doritos Army had performed very well under the current leadership. Below is a picture of the Dorito Army’s war training which was under the leadership of Gingersnap along with others:

As we can see, the Doritos logged on to CP Online server in masses, doing the E+K Tactic and showering the glory. This was the last event that Gingersnap had attended. Following this event, Gingersnap posted this on Doritos website:

Hey family,

Today, a journey that has lasted around 8 years is coming to a close. I, Gingersnap am officially going to be leaving the army community.

This is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Whether or not you like me, or hate me all I know is that I have nothing but love for all of my friends that I have gathered thru my tenure in THE GREATEST ARMY OF ALL TIME. It’s incredibly hard for me to make this decision, but I think it is the right choice for me at this stage. My life right now is at a crossroads. I need to focus more on my real life rather than my online life.

I might miss the battles, the feeling of leading troops into war, the friends I have accumulated over the years, in fact I know I will miss those things dearly. I need to gather my mental health and move on from all of this.


Mustapha10- Mustapha, I know that recent events might have stained our relationship, but I am truly thankful for your experience and how you taught me how to be a great leader. I remember back in 2012 when I was competing with you for owner ranks, I won’t forget that. I’ve known you for so long. Thanks for being a friend.

32op- 32op, I’ve also known you since 2012, but we really didn’t get close until more recently. Thank you so much for being a good friend to me and getting me thru rough times.

Wwebestfan- Wwe, you recruited me into this wonderful community and enabled me to meet all of these wonderful people and have all of these great times, for this I thank you dearly.

Meerkat- Elvis, even though things might be tough for you right now, thank you so much for being a great friend to me. I won’t forget you.

Luke/Zire- I remember when you were a LIT when I had just reached an owner rank in DCP. I’ve known you for a long time and you are a great friend man. Best of luck leading dcp *wink*

Vivala- Even though we haven’t been friends for that long, thank you for helping me thru tough times and being true to DCP at every turn.

Freezie- Freezie, thanks for being a true friend to me. You’ve helped me thru a lot of things and you have been a true friend to me. Thank you so much man.

Brad- Whats up man. You’re wild dude. You never ceased to make me laugh with your antics and I thank you for being a great friend

Marie- I haven’t known you for that long, but you are a very good friend aswell. Thank you Marie.

Rah- Thank you rah for being a extremely genuine and nice person. You’ve been a great leader for these last 3 months, I hope you continue leading DCP in the future.

Possum03- Thank you Possum. I’ve known you for a extremely long time. I think I met you around 2014? Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to know one of the most genuine people of all time. Thank you.

Moospie- Whats up moospie, Thank you for always being a good friend to me. I’ve also known you for about as long as everyone else on this list, we met in 2012. But you’ve always been my friend every single time I’ve returned to DCP. Thank you.

Honourable Mentions: XXToysoldier, xBee, Sprite, Fishy, Danny, Africa, Bam, Cliff, Satchmo, MiniBuffalo, Rodgahs, Wassim, Tobercold, Zing King To, MightyA, Epic101, Limu007, Mcw, Brownieeyyy, Cargo, Mythic, Waffles, Jaylen, Blair, Rach

My nooby self recording Xat in 2012

Signing off for one last time,


Former Leader and DCP Legend

Gingersnap delivered a post filled with gratitude and grace. It must be noted that Ginger talks about mental health here and how it’s his #1 priority, like it would be for anyone else. Alongside, Ginger also recalls his memory of CP Army battles, wars, and general fun he used to have.

In an attempt to understand what he’s feeling about the retirement, we interviewed Gingersnap himself.

Interview with Gingersnap, Doritos Army Legend

Midnight: Why did you decide to retire?

Gingersnap: I decided to retire to focus more on my real- life endeavours and schoolwork. I also have begun to feel ‘burnt out’ in regards to armies with all of the developments and the length of my current tenure in this generation of DCP. I also feel like armies is starting to outgrow me and I seem to spend more time away from armies already.

Midnight: When did you join the CP Army community and DCP?

Gingersnap: I joined the CPA community in early 2012, and DCP was my first army. I’ve been in DCP my entire army career, although I did dabble a little in the Ice Warriors and RPF around 2014. I was known in the S/M community for being someone who created a lot of armies.

Midnight: In your time serving for DCP what were the best times and the worst times?

Gingersnap: In my time serving for DCP, I would have to say that my favourite  time periods of this army were around 2014-2015. That was probably my favorite stint in DCP. Not to say that this generation where I took a larger role in the army was bad, I just have very fond memories of this. The worst time in my time in DCP history was probably when the army was dead in late 2012 when Wwebestfan retired. I found myself army-less as DCP stagnated.
Midnight: Do you think the Doritos will do well without you?

Gingersnap: I am confident that DCP will do fine without me, 32op and Rah are very competent and I know they will pick up where I left off. We also have great High- Commands that will ensure that DCP will continue to thrive in this community even after my departure.
Midnight: Thank you for your time, do you want to add anything?
In the interview he talks about how he’s outgrowing armies. He’s been spending most of his time away from armies. Gingersnap also seems confident of Doritos position without him. Not only does he mention the power that 32op and Rah bring to the Army, but also the power that High Commanders have brought to the army.
His journey was one that we all have loved. We here at Club Penguin Online Army League wish Gingersnap best of luck for the future, and we hope to see him around.
What do YOU think? Will the Doritos will do well without Gingersnap? Will the Doritos fall in masses? Comment down below, because we want to know What YOU think!
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CPO Army League Editor-in-Chief 

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