War Server Free For All Tournament

Klondike, CPO Army League Headquarters- The Club Penguin Online Army League is pleased to announce the new war server will be opening this Sunday! To make things fun, we will be opening the server with an army-wide free-for-all tournament!

The tournament will involve the entire army community, split into 2 groups (to avoid over-filling the server). The first group of armies will have a 45 minute server-wide battle starting at 2:00PM EST, and the second group will have a 45 minute server-wide battle starting at 4:00PM EST. Armies are asked to fight in the 3 main battle rooms for the first 15 minutes of the tournament (these rooms are the Snow Forts, Stadium, and Iceberg). After that, armies can roam freely around the server to battle each other wherever they please.

NOTE FOR MAJOR ARMIES: If an army averages at least 60 troops at their events, then we ask that they split their troops into 2 rooms during the first 15 minutes of fighting, to make things fair for the smaller armies.


  • If the 3 main battle rooms are full during the initial 15 minutes of fighting, then lockouts can battle in the Town and Plaza. Remember, after the first 15 minutes, armies can roam free across the server for the duration of the tournament.
  • This will be a fun tournament, so there will be no judges. Just all out war.
  • Armies are NOT allowed to log on until 30 minutes before the start of their tournament. To make this fair for everyone, Group one armies are asked to log off right after their tournament battle ends, to give Group 2 armies room in the server to log on for their battle.

The room listed next to each army is their STARTING room (AKA the room they claimed as their base for the war server). Armies MUST start in this room. When the tournament starts, armies will charge into any of the 3 designated battle rooms (Snow Forts, Stadium, Iceberg), with lockouts going to the Town and Plaza.

Group 1 Armies:

Pirates (Pizza Parlor)
Light Troops (Pet Shop)
Ice Warriors (Ski Attic)
SWAT (EPF base)
Templars (Pool)
Royals (Dance Club)
Squires (Box Dimension)
Aliens (Mine Shack)
War Hawks
PDF (Ski Village)
Sky Troops
Miners (Inside the mine, mining room)

Group 2 Armies:

DCP (Lighthouse)
Dark Warriors (Boiler Room)
Golds (Mine)
Redemption Force
Marines (Coffee Shop)
Instrumentalists (Snow Dojo)
Sinners (Dance Club)
Rangers (Dock)
Shadows (Dojo)
Animal Kingdom (Puffle Wilds)
Janitors (Skate Park)
Tree Cult (Forest)

If you do not see your army above or are not interested in competing, please let an administrator on Army League know immediately.

Group 1 Battle Information

Where: Zipline

When: Sunday, April 26th


2:00PM EST
1:00PM CST
12:00PM MST
11:00AM PST
7:00PM UK


Group 2 Battle Information

Where: Zipline

When: Sunday, April 26th


4:00PM EST
3:00PM CST
2:00PM MST
1:00PM PST
9:00PM UK


As we strive to be the best site possible for CPO armies, we believe the new war server will be a great success among all the armies. This will be a great opportunity for all the armies in the CPO community to battle it out on one server and prove who really is the most dominant army on Club Penguin Online. If you have questions about the details of the event, please make sure to message me and I will answer your questions as soon as possible.


CPO Army League Board of Directors



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