The Chaos: Tournament or a World War?

KLONDIKE, CPO Army League Headquarters – Chaos has always been a factor that derives excitement in the Club Penguin Army Community. However, never in the history of CP Armies, has chaos cut its way midst a tournament. Welcome to the first edition of “The Chaos”, by DrFlen.

To begin with, I would like to introduce you to the agenda of this series that I will be working on. “The Chaos”, as I plan to call it, will be a series under which I will be reviewing and explaining the most controversial, perhaps confusing, moments and times in the CP Armies community.

This first edition of ‘The Chaos’ will be focused on the March Madness tournament, and how this tournament almost turned into a World War that threatened to divide the CP Army Community into two blocs. Yes, you might’ve guessed it right. I am referring to the hot war which is on the rise between the Ice Warriors Army and Doritos Army, both being supported by their respective allies.

The official declaration of war came on April 10th 2020 by a post published by Mustapha10 on the Doritos website. This is what the post read:

We are officially entering the state of war. This means all able Doritos must fight for the Doritos Empire.

DEFCON 1 – In the recent days the IW & their allies have decided to joint invade us. Both armies invading us at the same time. Cowardly move most would say, and as a result the Doritos Empire hereby declares war. Harsh repercussions are coming to those who challenge us. The Doritos war machine has awaken. The flame has been lit, and the Doritos will march together to liberate all land that has been invaded.


Blaming the Ice Warriors alongside their allies of constant attacking, Mustapha10 declared that his army will be officially declaring war on Ice Warriors and their allies.

Though initially the war was suppose to be between Ice Warriors and the Aliens  vs. the Doritos, it soon took the structure of a World War where both Ice Warriors and Doritos were attacking and invading each other backed by their respective allies. However, it must be noted that before this declaration of war, Ice Warriors were suppose to face Doritos Army in the March Madness battleground. You can read more about this face off by reading Popcorny’s post.

Since the declaration of war, both sides have been attacking and defending constantly. Below is a timeline alongside event pictures.

  1.  April 10th 2020: Doritos Invasion of TuxedoScreenshot_2
  2. April 11th 2020: Doritos Defense of Grizzlyz2
  3. April 12th 2020: Ice Warriors Defense of Brumby

As you can see from the timeline above, both army’s have been constantly busy in defending and invading each other, backed by their respective allies. Alongside that, I would like to bring to your notice that this post has covered only the battles which took place post the declaration of war. Any battles before the declaration were not mentioned in this post.

Interview with Ben, Ice Warriors Leader

 CPOAL: What’s your thought about the on-going war with Doritos and their allies?

Ben: Not much we’ll destroy them anyway.

CPOAL: Doritos Army, in their declaration of war post, have accused you and your allies of invading them. Is that true? If yes, then did you want a war? Why didn’t you declare it officially?

Ben: If we didn’t want war we wouldn’t have began invading :Wary~1:

CPOAL: Don’t you think this alliance war threatens to divide CP Army Community into two sects which will be divided deep against each other?

Ben: Not really anything can happen.

CPOAL: What’s your future plan regarding this semi-war? How do you plan to win?

Ben: We’ll just continue our invasions until we capture Summit.

CPOAL: Anything Else you’d like to add for the world out there?

Ben: C9Win

As we read from above, Ben didn’t really delve deep into the interview and had very straight forward answers. He stated that the Ice Warriors didn’t plan to invade the Doritos until they captured Summit. However, the interesting part came from the interview with the Doritos Leader.

Interview with Rah, Doritos Army Leader

CPOAL: What’s your thought about the on-going war with Ice Warriors and their allies?
Rah: I’ll be honest, I’m not too fond of this war but at the same time, it’s beneficial for us. This ongoing war with IW helps us build up our divisions, inform new troops on how to battle effectively and how to be a good strategist. Despite the toxicity and drama that comes along with wars, this war also enabled us to make new bonds and relations with other armies. I wasn’t surprised when IW was going to have allies by their side, it was expected. I do have to give them the applause for building up good allies and giving it their all throughout this whole war.
CPOAL: You’ve accused Ice Warriors and their allies of invading you. Do you think they wanted a war? If yes, then why so?
Rah: Considering IW invaded us constantly, it seems like they were asking for a war, DCP doesn’t let that slide easily. I honestly do question what their intention was to invade us. It seems to me they wanted to take land and force us in a peace treaty, again I’m not sure. This could also just purely be for fun and rile some tension up in here.
CPOAL: Don’t you think this alliance war threatens to divide CP Army Community into two sects which will be divided deep against each other?
Rah: Obviously there is that risk of this alliance dividing the CP Army Community into two but I believe this “division” will die down eventually. It’s important to be a good sport and stay neutral no matter what. Alliances come and go through here. Also I’ve seen people that are from the enemy team turn out to be very friendly and good sports, it’s good to have that energy surrounding the league. Regardless, this is just a game and not meant to be taken that seriously.
CPOAL: What’s your future plan regarding this semi-war? How do you plan to win?
Rah: As long as we stay lowkey and keep grinding, we should be good. We will keep up with recruiting effectively, reminding people of events and preparing as much as we can. I do hope we can end the war on good terms and make the army come out stronger than ever. If we keep up with a positive mindset and determine to see the better, I believe we will have a shot at winning. My main priority is that members are having fun and enjoying themselves.
CPOAL: Anything Else you’d like to add for the world out there?
Rah: Good luck to those who banter with us. If you plan to jeopardize us, DCP doesn’t go down without a fight. Fear the shield.
As you read, Rah has provided very detailed information. The Doritos are planning to gain more from this war. This includes teaching their troops and forming better relationships with other armies other than those the  Doritos are up against. Similarly, the Doritos are aware of the great divide this war threatens to bring within the CP Army community.


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Is this a World War or just a feisty cross-countering? How will this WAR end? We want to know what do YOU think!


Club Penguin Online Army League Reporter

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