The Sinners Announce their Return

“Forbear to judge, for we are Sinners all.”

Klondike, CPO Army League Headquarters- The Sinners creators: Overload, Zero and Blossom were originally from a major army of CPOAL, The Aliens of CP. Running high on a mission to make it big in the Army Leagues; Overload decided to start his own army along with his former army mates, Zero and Blossom; namely the Sinners of CP.

Being a first generation army, many did not expect the Sinners to make it big. Created on the 23rd of October, the Sinners began to defy expectations and went on to recruit 200 members within the first week of its genesis, and there was no turning back after that. The Sinners went on to become a regular top ten army and even managed to reach the finals of the Christmas Chaos tournament.

Sinners maxing 16 in their Return Event

However, as the next generation of leaders stepped up, the Sinners began to see cracks in their once glorious army. Differences between the new leaders caused a massive hit on the army’s sizes. With all of that being said, the Sinners finally decided to shut down on the 11th of January 2020.

As Club Penguin Armies enter into a Golden Age with the revival of some legendary armies such as mentioned here, The Sinners leadership also decided to revive the army once more. Being led by their former creators, Overload, Zero and Blossom, the newly revived Sinners have inducted new members into their leadership. There leaders are as follows: Red Yagami, Royal, KingCrimson, Annie and Maggielover. The Sinners have hit the ground running maxing 16 in their return event, and then maxed 25 in their recent Fun Event.

Sinners maxing 25 in their Fun Event

Interview with Sinners Creator, Overload 

CPOAL: Overload, first off, congratulations on reviving Sinners, before we start off, do tell us a little bit about yourself and your experience in the Army Leagues

Overload: So I joined armies on 2 Oct 2019 it’s been 6 months from then. my first army was aliens used to attend their events and started learning things and created my own server with zero and blossom naming Sinners of CPO lead them for 3 months and then passed on my leadership and then because of some drama army died gradually and then I joined IW where I was 3ic for some 2-3 weeks and left them and then I joined the skaters of CPO where I got moderator really quick because the leaders knew I was sinners leader. Then we revived sinners again.

CPOAL:  Alright thats nice, so what gave you the inspiration to revive Sinners again?

Overload:We weren’t able to see the army dead like that because that’s the army we had put our efforts and worked hard for so yeah.

CPOAL:  So what would you say would be the goals for your newly revived army?

Overload: We wanna like max a lot and get into top 5 in large armies.

CPOAL:  I wish you luck with that. So word on the street is that the Sinners might join the IUA. Would you care to throw some light on that?

Overload: We don’t really know because IUA said we are toxic just listening to Clifford and other leaders and they didn’t even confirm is that true or not.

We can see that Overload truly wished to move Sinners past a S/M army and revive it once again into a major army. We can definitely say that his eyes were on the prize. Sinners however don’t seem very excited over the idea of entering into an Alliance with other armies. What does the future hold for Sinner? We don’t know, but the prospect of an army with such ambition truly seems interesting.

Comment YOUR opinion on the return of the Sinners? Will they become a major army on CPO? Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPO Army League Reporter 

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CPO Army League Chief Executive Officer


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