CPOAL Weekly Roundup 6/4/20-11/4/20

Klondike, CPOAL Headquarters – After Sweater began the new weekly Leaders Lounge segment on this site, today we will be bringing a new weekly segment called The Weekly Roundup. The purpose of this weekly article is to bring forward news from the week in a more concise form and to keep community members up to date on what has happened around the community.

Fishy returns to the Marines Leadership


At the start of the week, Fishy left the Marines after citing that she wanted to improve her mental health and her personal life. Despite this, she has recently returned to the Marines leadership alongside Cliff. Last week, the Marines got a victory over Redemption Force with Fishy at the helm and hopefully the Marines will continue to grow. Fishy is one of the most active members in the Army League discord and I’m sure many will be happy to still have her around the scene.

Fishy had this to say about her return.

Fishy: It feels pretty good and I missed them.

Templars leave isolationism

Following their Two Year Anniversary, Templars have returned to the front lines invading Bobsled on Wednesday and Cozy on Friday from the Adventurers and Sky Defenders respectively. After building up their internal forces and scoring alliances with Ice Warriors and other armies, this week was the perfect week for them to return and battle in this evergrowing community.

Templars at the Invasion of Bobsled.

Miners Army take the community by storm

After finally being accepted into the community this week, The Miners Army have returned under the leadership of JoelFreak. The game has been revolutionized by JoelFreaks introduction of the Jumble Dance Rumble formation and Joel was also given temporary Board of Directors member due to his astounding leadership. They have also been skirmishing Ice Warriors and have joined the IUA, an action packed beginning for this upcoming army. On Friday they also released a song called Miners Army vs IW, citing that IW should not be number 1, denouncing Andrew24 for knowing nothing and calling them ‘loosers’.

JoelFreak had this to say about the Ice Warriors.

JoelFreak: Well Miners aren’t ready just yet to take IW as we are a fairly small army we recently quit the IUA so now we don’t stand a chance however plenty of armies are interested in the Miners as it says a lot in general on the army league discord but I won’t say names just yet of who are potential allies are.

Annexation of the Aliens

After joining the war against Ice Warriors alongside other members of the IUA, Aliens had high hopes of assisting DCP take the land of the Ice Warriors however this plan did not work with allies of Ice Warriors taking the entirety of White Out in 3 hours, these allies being SWAT, Golds and Dark Warriors. Due to server rules, this forced Aliens into signing a peace treaty making them abide by rules such as being unable to invade land of several armies such as those aforementioned and not being able to assist DCP or any other armies with their own troops and the list goes on. This treaty will nullify on July 1st 2020. Aliens have had another unfortunate setback with leaders Tena, ShyPayden and Fuzz leaving however BP remains confident of Aliens continuing to rise.

The Treaty declaring Aliens conditions after their losses..

Leaders, Leaders and more Leaders

This week saw several new leaders in and around the army community. Royals reinstated creator Tiska and former leaders Brooke and Marissa. Elsewhere this week, Choco55172 became a newly instated leader of the Aliens and their allies, Sky Defenders, promoted two new leaders in Spike and Kr3bi. In addition, the returning Sinners have appointed 4 leaders to the top job; the new leaders are Royal, RedYagami, Zero and Overload. Finally SWAT also saw some additions to their leadership team with SWAT legends Domsamillion and Lights717 rejoining the force in addition to Vice Commander Larden. However some leaders have unfortunately left their roles. Laura is no longer leader of the Sky Defenders and Tena, Fuzz and ShyPayden have left the Aliens to join a new army which we will be reporting about in more detail in a few days.

Mehakk, Royals Leader, gave us a quick response as to why new leaders were appointed.

Mehakk: Well for those who know the history of Royals, these leaders aren’t technically new. Tiska was actually one of the creators of royals and marissa and brooke were leaders a while back and due to changes in their schedule and royals becoming kind of stagnant in growth, we thought bringing them back would help out the army.

Ice Warriors wins the Heavyweight Title

After some cancelled invasions, Ice Warriors, Golds and Dark Warriors decided to have a Practice Battle. In an intense battled judged by myself, all three armies just legged it around the map chasing one another trying to best each other. However the Ice Warriors were the ones who pulled off the incredible sizes and had Golds and Dark Warriors running for dear life. Golds and Dark Warriors would try to battle eachother only to be thwarted by Ice Warriors. Ice Warriors won the PB and won the Heavyweight title. It begs the question who’s gonna win the Royal Rumble and challenge IW for the title.

Ice Warriors maxing 110 at the PB.


This is the first Weekly Roundup we’ve posted here so let me know what you think about the quality of the post. Please provide any feedback that you have on the post. I’ll leave a poll asking whether you guys liked this format or not and if not I’ll work on some changes for next weeks.



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