Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [29/03/20 – 04/04/20]

KLONDIKE, Army League HQ – It has been quite a chaotic and action-packed week in the Club Penguin Army community. This week we see four legendary armies re-open their doors and make an impact on the Top Ten, we saw the end of a World War and we are also approaching the end of the March Madness Tournament. In what has been one of the most successful weeks in Club Penguin Armies in years, who will come out on top of this week’s Top Ten?

1. Ice Warriors [130.6] [+1]

2.  Pirates [124.2] [-1]

3. Doritos [113.5] [+0]

4. Dark Warriors [113.1] [+0]

5. Light Troops [105.4] [NEW!]

6. Golds [73.0] [NEW!]

7. Underground Mafias Army [72.0] [NEW!]

8. Special Weapons and Tactics [70.0] [NEW!]

9. Aliens [57.3] [-3]

10. Redemption Force [61.5] [-4]


Close to the Top 10:

11. Marines [53.0]

12. Templars [50.00]

13.  Royal Family [46.6]

14. Crimson Guardians [40.5]

15. Instrumentalists [40.3]

16. Skaters [38.3]

17. Tree Cult [36.5]

18. Sky Defenders [36.0]

19. DOVES [33.0]

For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. Ice Warriors The Ice Warriors held just four events this week but still kept a high placement in this week’s Top Ten Armies, they began their week with a tournament battle vs. the Instrumentalists where they saw sizes of 90 Ice Warriors, they then had an invasion of Tundra where they maxed 90 yet again a couple days on they had an AUSIA invasion of Mammoth where they had sizes of 68, and they finished their week with an invasion of Crunch where they maxed 108.

2. Pirates – The Pirates began their week with an Operation Puffle event where they saw sizes of 90+ users in attendance, following this they invaded Rocky Road with sizes of 102 Pirates, on Wednesday they saw a narrow defeat vs. the Dark Warriors to which they maxed 114, the day after this they held a training where they maxed 80 and they finished their week with a Pizza Party where they maxed 85.

3. Doritos The Doritos had just two events this week, they started with a tournament battle where they maxed 80 and then finished with a Puffle Party event where they maxed 99.

4. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors had an action packed week, they began with a Stamp Event where they saw 75 Dark Warriors attend, following this they saw victory over the Pirates in the March Madness Tournament where they maxed 95+, the next day they had an AUSIA Training where they saw sizes of 53, and they finished their week with a March Madness Battle vs. the Royals where they maxed 75.

5. Light Troops The Light Troops announced their official return to the community this week with quite impressive sizes, they began with a return event where they maxed 60 Light Troops, the next day they held a training session where they maxed 73, a couple days later they held an Operation: Drill event where they saw 82 users in attendance, they then held another battle training in which 85 troops showed up andthey finished their week with a War Training event where they maxed 77.

6. Golds Yet another legendary army opened their doors this week, the Golds. They held their official return event on Saturday where they saw sizes of 51.

7. Underground Mafias Army Once again, we saw another legendary army re-open, this time its the Underground Mafias Army, they announced their return earlier this week and held their return yesterday in an unscheduled event where they maxed 50.

8. Special Weapons and Tactics The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) were another army to announce their return to their community this week, they held their official return on Saturday where they maxed sizes of 48.

9. Aliens The Aliens held one event this week which was a Pizza Party where they maxed 44.

10. Redemption Force The Redemption Force held just one event this week which was a Stamp Event in which they maxed 40.



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