Club Penguin Online: Top Ten Armies [8/3/20 -15/3/20]

**Update** – There was an error in the calculations prior to this update. This error has been fixed & the top ten placements have been fixed appropriately.

SLUSHY, Army League HQ – This week we say many wars come to an end but we also saw many friendships & alliances being created. As the league emerges to its first potential world war, many armies have been training hard. Lets see how these events impacted our Top 10 this week.


1.  Pirates [90.00] [+1]

2. Doritos [85.00] [-1]

3. Royals [73.00] [-1]

4. Ice Warriors [65.00] [-1]

5. Dark Warriors [49.00] [+3]

6. Redemption Force [44.00] [-2]

7. Aliens [40.33] [-2]

8. Templars [37.00] [-2]

9. Instrumentalists [34.33] [-2]

10.  Tree Cult [32.00] [+4]


Close to the Top 10:

11. Crimson Guardians [30.67] [-2]

12. Adventurers [27.50] [-2]

13. Skaters [27.00] [+0]

14. Justice [26.50] [-2]

15. Resistance [24.67] [NEW!]

16. Snow Guardians [23.00] [NEW!]

For the calculations click HERE

(1 Point for every 5 troops in AUS Event)


1. PiratesThe Pirates saw a new leadership emerge this week. Bay, Twaseen, Bucky and Epic101 are now the new captains and their success can already be seen this week as they retain the number one spot. They had one event in which they invaded the city of Tea in the server Yeti maxing 68 Pirates.

2. Doritos The Doritos fall back by one spot this week with two events. They completed their war with Redemption Force starting with an invasion of Cloudy in the server of Thermal maxing 62 Doritos. They finished the week off with a full Invasion of Thermal maxing 60.

3. Royals The Royals drop down 1 spot this week with two events. They defended the city of Snowcap in their capital Sleet twice this week against the Redemption Force. They maxed 52 in their first defense and 50 in their second.

4. Ice Warriors The Ice Warriors drop down one spot this week with one event. They invaded the city of Sled maxing 43 warriors.

5. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors return to our Top 5 this week with 3 events. They first had a training event maxing 25. They followed that event up with another traning event, this time maxing 21. To end of the week, they celebrated Saint Patricks Day with 32 warriors attending.

6. Redemption Force – The Redemption Force ended their war with the Doritos this week. They had one event, a defense of their Capital, Thermal, in which they maxed 22.

7. Aliens The Aliens had an eventful week this week. They started the week off with a fashion show with 12 Aliens attending. They ended the week off with an Invasion of Tuxedo maxing 23. To celebrate, they had a parede on Tuxedo maxing 17 Aliens.

8. Templars The Templars had one event this week. They invaded the city of Tea with 16 Crusaders attending.

9. InstrumentalistsThe Instrumentalists had 3 events this week. They started off the week by fighting the Coronavirus with 8 Instrumentalists. They later defended the city of Sherbert maxing 13. They ended the week of with a defense of Beanie maxing 10 Instrumentalists. 

10. Tree Cult –  The Tree Cult make it onto our Top 10 this week with 2 events. They started off the week with a recruiting session maxing 10. They finished off the week with an Invasion of Sherbert maxing 16.



Club Penguin Online Army League Creator & CEO.


Army League Reporter

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