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As the Army League shut down in May (or June) of 2020 (and because Iceyfeet is a loser) – we have created a new Army League discord for Nostalgia & Archives.

If you wish to share Nostalgic moments or pictures from your time in armies, then join the Army League discord below.

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Tournament History/Winners

Legends Cup 2018 – Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

Christmas Chaos 2018 – Winner: Pirates

Summer Bash 2019 – Winner: Pirates

Christmas Chaos 2019 – Winner: Dark Warriors & Doritos (Tie)

Fjord Frenzy 2020 – Winner: Templars

March Madness 2020 – Winner: N/A – Battle never occurred. 

For anyone who has tried to rewrite history and re-host these battles a year or so later (lol) – they do not count in the history books & you never won the tournament. All CP Army League tournament winners are listed above & the list is final and can’t be changed by weirdos like Max or people who joined armies in 2020.

Top Ten CP Army League Armies of 2020

2020 has been possibly the most memorable year for the Club Penguin Community. With the ever-changing drama, retirements, wars, and tournaments, there was always one constant every single week: The Top Ten. So after a very long year, we are excited to release this year’s Top Ten Armies of the Year.

This year has been a dramatic one in both sizes and how the communities played out. With the COVID boom bringing so many people back to the game, many armies experienced record sizes. So many legendary armies were recreated this year and took turns placing high among the rankings. This unprecedented boom brought the new Golden Age for armies, something that many people could not foresee happening in 2017 when armies shut down.

Click ‘Read More’ to see the Top Ten Armies of 2020.

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Jester joins the Doritos leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital- With the Doritos experiencing an unexpected loss in the legends cup and the retirement of Badboy and Zire. CPA and Doritos legend, Jester has joined the DCP leadership and have taken the challenge to get that top spot in the universal Top ten. Let’s Read more to find out why he decided to join the army community after a long period of time. Continue reading

Meet The Board: Ben

SLUSHY, CP Army League Headquarters- Today we bring to you all the sixth edition of the Meet the Board series. If you don’t already know (you really should) the board members are the most important people in the league, they are the highest members of staff and have the most important roles such as registering new armies, updating the server map and making sure we have a good time by scheduling tournaments. We never really had a chance to have a chat with them so the reporter crew has decided to have this segment so we cant get to know the board members better. Today we bring you to our favorite Ice Warrior, give it up for Ben. Continue reading

Is Cargo Really Alberto?

Slushy, CPAL HQ – In recent weeks the community has been rocked by the arrival of Alberto, with many taking a strong liking to the individual who hides behind a word document profile picture. I decided it was time to investigate and search for the answers the community is looking for, who is Alberto? what is Alberto? Why is Alberto? and most importantly, was Tes7 the greatest leader the Water Vikings ever had? Lets find out.  Caution: Satire post, do not take anything in this post seriously.
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O’Regan619 and the Furry Mystery

Slushy, CPAL- The recent days in this army community have seen a wave of allegations and satire posts by a man named O’Regan619, also known as Regan. Today I am here to settle once and for all the mystery of FURRID-19 and why such allegations were made by this sick twisted man, who I, unfortunately, lead the Ice Warriors with. Please be aware that this post contains heavy use of SATIRE.

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[Editorial] Meme Armies and their Integrity

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAL as a whole.


SLUSHY, Cookie Monster’s office – Many new armies have popped up recently, some being real armies, that want to work hard and progress in terms of land, while others are “meme” armies, which are not entirely focused on land. These armies seem more interested in spreading a movement or a joke or are just created as a fun thing to do. I, as a creator and leader of a “meme” army that never became official, found that recruiting for them was more laborious and that they could spread a joke. Still, the base principle of the army was not to take the land, which made running the army itself more difficult. If meme armies don’t want land, what do they want? Well, I looked into it and found some surprising answers. Continue reading for more!

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